Call for help: assist development of ORA format providing KRA, PSD or other source files

Good evening.

Over the past few months, I have been working with some of the developers of free art tools such as Krita and Gimp/Glimpse to develop improvements for the ORA graphics interchange format ( It is like PSD format, but not proprietary. Over the course of my research so far, I have found several examples where PSD provides features which are not available in ORA. In order to propose solutions to these issues and continue to make great tools available for free, I will be hosting a panel in this years Libre Graphics Meeting ( to push for changes. (and I will be doing some coding too ^.^)

My plea to any digital artist who reads this: If you have any old KRA, PSD (or procreate, CSP, xcf, whatever) digital art source files that you would be able to donate prior to the meeting (May 2020), especially those which use a lot of advanced features like multiple clip or blending layers, compositing modes, etc, please let me know! I would really like to make sure that all of my proposals at LGM can address any shortcomings of the current free standards so that we can make the maximum possible progress this year!

Two of the major issues I want to address currently:

-Lack of vector / text capability

-No support for clipping layer combined with another mode, like add / multiply (which many artists use for things like highlights and shadows)

Please let me know if you are able to help and have an awesome day!


Welcome to the forum! I hope people provide some sample files. I’ll see if I have some test files too.


Important work. I might provide something, will look into my files to see if anything might be of use.

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I have provided a sample Krita file with advanced layer formatting here -

Scroll down, and download that .kra files provided.


I’ll just note that MyPaint uses ORA as it’s native format too and they currently added spectral colour mixing.

FYI, it seems we are having a more advanced conversation about this on this thread: MyPaint 2 release & ora format for anyone who is interested in contributing to the conversation. :slight_smile: