Call for Testing: MyPaint Brush Engine

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on a MyPaint brush engine for quite a while now. It lets you use MyPaint brushes on Krita and also edit them. It seems to work fine mostly but we don’t know if that is actually the case. It would be great if someone can test it and provide feedback.

Here is a link to an appimage package:

For installing new brushes you can unzip to or move the brushes to “usr/share” folder or you can also use the default presets which come preinstalled.

You can select the installed MyPaint brushes from the preset chooser. Something like this.



Hi @ashwin,

Thank you very much for working on this. For some reason I always found mypaints pencil brushes very comfortable and with this I can sketch with those pencils in Krita itself.

I am testing you app image and here are some preliminary issues that I found.

  • Some brushes behave erratically when drawing shapes such as ellipse. For example the 1 pixel brush, 2b pencil brush. Take a look at the ellipse drawn from 2b pencil here.

  • Might be related to the above bug, but when drawing strokes too fast the brush seems to feel like it is tied down and draws heavily optimised strokes. Like you get when you have weighted smoothing enabled. The brushes to test 2b pencil, marker fat for example. Just draw big rapid circular strokes and you will notice it.

  • It would be great to have a Tag associated with all the my paint brush to filter them out.

  • This is a serious one. All the new water colour brushes made by @RamonM seem to have problem with their brush tip. Instead of painting the mask they now have black and white image as their dab thus making them weird and buggy. These brushes are made by pixel brush engine of Krita I don’t know how my paint engine is affecting these. You can try the “j) Water C” series of brushes. This happens only in this app image and not on the master branch.

I will be testing more and I will update the list here. Thank you once again for working on this.
I think I should ping @Deevad and @RamonM too, since they have worked in making official mypaint brushes so they can test the behaviour more thoroughly than me.


Hmm, the appimage is based on 4.3.1 not on master. Perhaps that might be the reason. Will look into it.
Thanks for testing :slight_smile:

The water colour brushes work correctly in 4.3

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I hope you fix soon the mypaint brushengine issues. if Mypaint brushes break the Krita’s brushes, then is a big serious problem becouse fixing them is not easy . I remember the change from Krita4.1 mode to “creamy” mode. It was complex to create watercolor untill i understood the way to do it.

Be careful, but is a good job because some dynamics in mypaint are not available in Krita. By the way the brushes are really old. I am curious to see users feedback.

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Hello Everyone!
I tried your appimage and first of all, it works great. On the canvas, there were no issues so far, but on the scratchpad in the brush editor all brushes that would smudge or blend color either behave like erasers or do nothing. I am using Kubuntu 20.04. I hope this is easy to fix! I think you did a good job so far.

Afaik, this is a bug that briefly snuck into the stable branch and was quickly fixed, however, Ashwin may have accidentally chosen that hotspot as the point at which to split off.

Can this appimage be used safely alongside my main one?

Yes, I guess.

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Is there any way that we can test it in Windows? I want to see how it is.

I’m actually a bit worried that the brush engine in krita is getting more and more complex for devs to maintatin as the development goes, but it’s not our place to complain I guess.

Fortunately, Krita’s brush engines are independent of each other. Each engine is a separate, self-contained plugin. Some engines are quite complicated, like the smudge brush, others really are very simple, like the spray or hatching engine.

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Hi, I been trying this test version and works great, but I dont know why the nightly builds dont show MyPaint brushes even though they are supposedly already merged into the master. Thanks

I messed up… And broke it. So we’re trying to fix that now.


Still waiting for the MyPaint brush engine on Windows. I have been looking for a new nightly build with MyPaint brush for the last few days.

It would take some time I think, the developers are fixing things,

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thank you for making krita support mypaint brush!

i just download the nightly build for testing mypaint brush engine, but i can’t find any default mypaint brush preset there and can’t figure out how to import mypaint brush pack into krita.

is there any way to import mypaint brush pack into krita in windows?

Well, a lot of changes were done by Boud for making it compatible with the new resource loading workflow. I guess @halla will be able to help. Seems, like something which isn’t fixed yet. If default brushes are not working then, i guess other brush packs will fail to load as well.

I’m testing the latest nightly appimage as of today and the MyPaint brushes works as expected for a MyPaint user, but they don’t respect Krita’s Alpha Locks on layers, the Preserve Alpha toggle, or selections:

This is expected given it is MyPaint’s engine after all (there’s no concept of selections in MyPaint), however it does make it seem like something is buggy in Krita itself when selection boundaries aren’t behaving as boundaries at all (similar to this issue in color smudge brushes), and I’m wondering if this should be an acceptable compromise to leave in the MyPaint engine, or if there could be warnings somehow in the UI to make this limitation less unexpected for unfamiliar users, similar to how a floating message warning appears when you try to use the engine in a Mask layer:

And speaking of masks, a transparency mask of course does the trick of emulating selection boundaries when using MyPaint brushes.

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Can you share with us that appimage, I download the nightly appimages every sinlge day and MyPaint brushes are not there, I dont know whats that.

I kind of solved it, I opened the appimage nightly build with the terminal, in super user mode; My Paint brushes appear, but just a few, most of them are still missing, also you need to install libmypaint brushes library, you can do this via synaptic or with MyPaint ppa. The build in the first comment also use this library, but all the brushes are there.