Calm summer day

My first animation! Made using nightly builds of Krita 5.0 and taking advantage of the new features, especially extensively using clone frames! Overall the animation tools were pretty easy and fun to use and I didn’t run into any huge issues, so it was very fun to make c: which makes me look forward a lot to how the animation tools specifically will further develop over time

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pixel room_002


Looking great, love the color pallet.
The ani-flow also looks awesome, well done thumbs up from me to you.


Haha! Ey, that’s so cool and very cute.


Good work! So cute!

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I admire the idea of doing so much with so little. Excellent work!

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luv! luv! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This is absolutely adorable. 10 million thumbs up!! :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:


very cute, it’s also very detailed, i see you put plenty of effort in the small pictures on the screens as well as other places. The one thing i would suggest perhaps is to make the colors more balanced in contrast and hue perhaps, i just think some details get completly lost unless i zoom in. Anyways color is a very personal thing, so just keep doing what you feel works for you.

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I want her RGB phone, I hope it’s a real thing jk XD

Looks great!

Very Cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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this is cute!

wow cool pixel look :slight_smile: and overall cute scene. kudos!