Can I Make a Transparency Mask Visible

Hi all! New to Krita, but love it so far (donated, even). I am switching from GIMP because, rather amazingly, the current version forces a color space choice onto layer masks that creates pronounced banding at low levels. Ruins anything you want to do that calls for a subtle transparency gradient. Krita, thankfully, doen’t have that problem.

After I create a transparency mask and select it in the Layers docker, I can edit it by painting, drawing, whatever. But, I can’t actually see the mask. I see the visible layers and the effect of whatever I do to the mask, but not the mask itself. In GIMP, I could check “Show Mask” in a pop-up menu, and the selected mask would appear as a grayscale image.

Is there a way to make a transparency mask visible in Krita?


Hi @stevensrmiller

A right click on transparency mask, and then “isolate layer”, should be the solution to your need I think :slight_smile:



By golly, that did it! Thanks so much :smiley:!

You’re welcome :wink:


Now why can’t StackOverflow be like this :wink: ?

I see that I can also convert a transparency mask to a paint layer, edit it, and convert it back to a transparency mask, via the “Layer” menu. Your method is better, though.

StakOverflow is very interesting for question and solutions concerning programming languages I found.
For other subject, I don’t use it :slight_smile:

And you’re here on the official Krita forum so, most of users known the software, and if not (can’t known all the functionalities), developers are here too to provides answers :wink:

This method can also be useful, if you have a greyscale image, you can easily use it as a transparency layer.
But having a transparency mask, yes, isolate layer is a good way to see the mask without being disturbed by content of others paints layers


Heh, I’m referring to how graciously you treated my newbie question. On StackOverflow, there are loads of helpful people ready to give their time and assistance. But there are also a fair number of jerks who will give you a hard time by claiming your question is stupid or that you didn’t use Google well enough to find the answer. (I do always try to find an answer on my own, but sometimes you can’t or you can be fairly sure it’s so trivially easy for others to tell you that it’s fair not to put a lot of time into it before asking.)