Can't copy-paste image from Chromium (Chrome and Edge) to Krita Nightly Build

I can do it if I’m using other browser (Firefox). All browsers are up to date. Copy paste using other programs also work. I’m on Windows 10 1909.

I’m using current latest Krita Next (on June 10, named prealpha-c4e3b84904). It was still working before I update it on June 2. But, I tried to reinstall to older version (all older version installer on my PC, May 28 and May17), it’s also not working. I’m 100% sure it was working previously because I have my reference batch image on that date. Maybe it’s also cause by browser update

I tried to install 4.4.3, it’s working normally. Just wanted to know if it’s only on me or not o.o

It give me this error on Krita when I hit Ctrl+V on Krita

Me too :disappointed:

So I use snip tool and it works.

I’ve just done Copy Image from a palemoon and an edge browser in Windows 10 and then did Edit → Paste into New Image and also Ctr+V in krita 4.4.3 with no problem.

With the Jun 08 5.0.0-prealpha, palemoon is ok but edge has the’ Protocol unknown’ error.

So it’s not only on me o.o
I just found something fun. If I use Edit - Paste as Reference Image twice, using Ctrl+V Insert as Reference Image will work but still give error.

I tried Ctrl+V then “Insert as Reference Image”, not working. But if I use Edit menu - Paste as Reference Image, it’s working without error. Then I tried Ctrl+V, Insert as Reference Image again, still not working. But after using Edit-Paste as reference again, Ctrl+V Insert as Reference Image works, but give that error too.

Actually, more like become bugged. After that, selecting any option on Ctrl+V will make new reference image, even on “Cancel”

This needs a formal bug report at (sign up and sign in are needed and it’s a fun experience).
It also sounds like it needs a fail/ok matrix to say what followed by what works or not.

I suggest that you list the examples you’ve just given above and let the developers track the problem down.

Okay, I making that now