Cant exit Canvas Only in Tablet

Hi. Can someone help me? I can’t exit canvas only. I use a tablet, not a computer. In tablet in canvas-only mode nothing else won’t open, no keyboard, no brushes nothing! Have to close the program altogether and open it again in order to exit canvas only.
Does anyone know how can I exit canvas only on tablet or mobile (the keyboard won’t open!) without closing the program and restarting it?
ps. my tablet is Samsung S6 Lite, brand new so I don’t think it’s an “old device” issue.
Thanks a lot!

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t have a tablet but there is a touch gesture for ‘Toggle Canvas Only Mode’ and that is a four finger tap. Please try that to see if it works.

There are people on the forum who do use tablets and they may be able to tell you more about this some time later.


Hi @Jodi_S - Welcome to the forum. As @AhabGreybeard mentioned, a 4-finger tap will return you back to the full interface.

Also, if you bring up the popup palette, there are 2 icons in the lower left corner, one will temporarily flip the screen horizontally and the other is the one that will return you back to the full interface.


4 finger tap worked! Thank you! :slight_smile:


I accidentally pressed detach canvas and i could not exit, i had to reinstall krita :laughing:

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@sh-zam I guess we should disable that on Android.

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Not sure if thats the case on tablets but on my phone i could not exit.

Perhaps when switching to canvas-only mode, a warning dialog could be displayed informing about the 4 finger tap shortcut, similar to the overlays when working with raster tools on vector layers?



I have to make sure I won’t click on that :smiley: Thanks for the heads up lol
I had to re-install few times as well when was learning the program and did some other stupid stuff :smiley:

Yes, we should. Added to my todos.

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