Can't load v3 brushes

When I go into manage resources the icon for v3 is red. I try moving it to the active area and click ok but it doesn’t add them. I tried restarting krita but while that worked for another bundle it still did not add the v3 brushes. Looking into the file the brushes all look like v4 ones. Please help as these are the brushes I tend to use most.

Which version of krita are you using and which operation system are you using?

Since you seem to be used to having the Krita_3_Default_Resources and using them, when did this happen to you?
Did you do anything ‘significant’ before it happened, such as editing bundles or creating bundles?

The red square bundle icon usually indicates a newly created bundle or an existing bundle that has been edited and not had a new icon defined for it. However, the Krita_3_Default_Resources bundle can’t be edited and it can’t be deleted. (Along with the Krita_4_Default_Resources bundle, it’s stored in a separate place and gets recreated every time you start krita.)
The fact that you don’t have it with its standard icon is a puzzle.

According to your screenshot, you only have the Raghukamath-Brush-pack in addition to the Krita_4_Default_Resources and the problematic Krita_3_Default_Resources (two copies). Is that correct?

When you say, “Looking into the file …”, which file do you mean and how did you look into it?

Which brushes (tips) and which brush presets do you use from the Krita_3_Default_Resources (and any other resources usually in there) that are not available in Krita_4_Default_Resources - just as examples?

Hi I’m using the steam version 4.2.8 I’ve been using krita since v3 and added the v3 brushes back when v4 came out using the manage resources way. But I’ve just gotten a new computer and installed krita I tried to add the brushes the same way that worked on the old computer. I haven’t edited any brushes or anything like that.
I added the Raghukamath bundle because I was trying to make sure I was doing it right and if it would work for other bundles, it took a restart to see that bundle but it did work.
By looking at the file I went into manage resources>edit bundle>Brush presets, they all look like v4 brushes that I have.
I’m afraid I’m not good with names but one of the ones I really need is a highlighter airbrush, and a solid fill.

Do you mean that you created your own bundle of v3 brushes etc to pass over to v4 by importing using the resources Manager?

The use of Steam for installation may introduce complications that I’m not aware of and so you’d need to wait for a developer or someone familiar with Steam to comment and maybe offer advice about that.
As I said, you should always have the 3 and 4 default resources showing with their standard icons.

In the meantime, I can give you the Krita_3_Default_Resources bundle that was packaged with v4.1.7 which should have lots of stuff that you were familar with and may have what you want/need. It’s called Old_Krita_3_Default_Resources and its icon has a large red dot in the top right corner to let you know it’s not the normal one.

You can download it from here:
but there’s no guarentee that is has what you need in it. All you can do is try it and get rid of it if it doesn’t help.

I didn’t create the brushes I tried to import the ones already in the bundle file.
What I mean by going into the edit bundle is this:

Thankyou so much that has worked and I have the brushes, big hugs.