Can't make a gradient with the gradient tool

For some reason I can’t make a gradient using the gradient tool - that is, nothing appears when I drag it across the canvas. I tried deselecting all, resetting krita and reopening the document I was working on, opening up a brand new document, and making sure I was using a compatible brush and not a shape brush when I make a gradient, but nothing seems to work. It looks like krita is registering the fact that I am using the gradient tool though, since whenever I try to use it the paint layer refreshes and my color history updates when I choose a different colour to make the gradient. But no matter what, nothing appears and the layer remains fully transparent/no pixels are made at all. Oh, and I’m making sure that the brush I’m using isn’t on eraser mode (which it shouldn’t be even if I open up a brand new file to work on).

Do I need to fully reset krita to fix this? Thanks!

I am able to use the gradient tool on Windows 10, Krita 5.0.6. Can you provide a screenshot of your entire screen including the tools and menus at top? Also, which version # of Krita and which operating system are you using?

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Either I misunderstand you, or you misunderstood the gradient tool.

You don’t select a brush to “paint” a gradient on the canvas, you select the gradient you want to use in the toolbar, and then you have to select the gradient tool in the toolbox, it’s just to the left of the eyedropper. After selecting a gradient and the gradient tool, click on the start point on the canvas and hold the button down and drag the gradient to its desired end point and there release the stylus/mouse button and then Krita will paint the gradient onto the canvas. If needed, the start point and end point can also be outside the canvas to stretch the gradient.

Here’s a little video with the most simple application of a gradient, you can find videos on YouTube that are much extensive for describing gradients:


@Sooz I’m using the most current version of krita on Windows 11.

@Michelist Hey thanks! I’m using the actual gradient tool - I guess I just assumed it also used the current preset you are using like how the shape tools would use your brush to make an outline.

Here’s a video that should better show what I’m experiencing (hyperlinked since i can’t attach videos yet):
krita gradient test

It looks like you disabled the Toolbar(s). On the Brushes and Stuff Toolbars you’ll find the gradient selector:


Thanks for the video. I see you have a solution now from @AhabGreybeard. Enjoy!

I’ve just looked at this again and even with the Toolbars disabled, there should be a gradient selected/active.
We’ll need to see the Tool Options docker as well when the Toolbars are back on display showing the selected gradient.
I’m closing down now so someone else may be able to help in the next few hours.

Ah that worked! I’m not sure how I accidentally made it so no gradient was selected - probably just a bad shortcut I need to look at - but it’s all good now. Thank you!


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