Can't Shift+Click with Ellipse Assistant Tool

In the user manual section on the ellipse assistant, it says

If you press the Shift key while holding the first two handles, they will snap to perfectly horizontal or vertical lines. Press the Shift key while holding the third handle, and it’ll snap to a perfect circle.

But when I hold Shift and click, it doesn’t seem to do anything. In fact, it won’t even let me place a point when I’m holding Shift. Is there something I might be doing wrong?

The manual is wrong, or, there is a bug in Krita. First create the circle, then move the handles, they will snap then.

I think this should work in nightly builds though:

Use of the Shift key as a modifier in that way needs Shift to be pressed after the click is held, then a drag is performed.
So it’s Click (hold) + Shift then drag.
This works on 4.3.0 after the ellipse assistant has been created.
It’s the same when you use the Shift and/or Ctrl keys for the behaviour options when painting an ellipse (or a rectangle), click (hold) then Shift.