Changes to UI

I saw the UI Icon post but I’m wondering when will Krita change it’s UI?

It would really help a lot beginners to stay in Krita if the UI was more welcoming, everything looks 2012 we need 2020!

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There have been many posts about the UI and icons so which one are you referring to?

The years 2012 and 2020 are very specific so can you give examles of what you mean and what you are hoping for?
What does ‘welcoming’ mean in this context?

Er, this is coming a bit out of the blue, right, and I’m not sure what "everything looks 2012"even means? In 2012, we released Krita 2.4. This is what Krita looked like back then:

So, yes, while keeping the fundamental interface intact, I feel we’ve made Krita look a lot more polished, with new icons, updated layer panel, improved popup palette…

And anyway, newcomers to Krita usually say that they felt immediately familiar with the application, and long-time users are happy we’re not forcing them to learn a new interface with every release. Given that Krita has got about 3,000,000 users currently, I guess that the current interface is not, actually, driving people away?

As for “when” something will happen – Krita is free and open source software. If you feel you can contribute improvements, do.