Character sketch - headturning motion, hand-animated (see description)

8 frames, animated on 3s (frame - blank - blank - frame, in a 24-frame sequence of a second)

Decided to try my hand at emulating a traditional animation method (shift and trace) using Krita using the following steps:

  1. Drawing the key animation using an animation template.
  2. Make a group layer for the inbetween (1 group per inbetween), and duplicate the key animation frames into it. Also known as: manual onion-skinning
  3. Align the frames according to the required position using the holes on top of the drawing sheets as positioning reference.
  4. Trace in-between the lines.

This is a method that is used here, or rather my version is more or less an attempted emulation of it.

All in all it was pretty tiring however, but it nevertheless was a worthwhile attempt. The final two inbetweens before the final frame was hastily sketched out because I was quite tired.


Excelente trabajo, me gusta el resultado, aunque me gustaría que lo llevaras a otro nivel con una proporción mas precisa y lineas de colores para las sobras y luces. De todas maneras sigue siendo una excelente practica. :sonriente:

Sorry, I cannot read Spanish but thankfully Google Translate conveyed enough of it.

I would’ve preferred to do this a little bit more nicely looking and well done, however one of points I was trying to demonstrate was the difficulty of using Krita as-is to perform animation tweening after the key frames have been drawn. Considering the process of making animation in Krita should actually feel much closer to emulating hand-drawn animation (with handdrawn tweens instead of Flash-style tweening), it would have been nice if Krita’s tools reflect that with an added ease to the tweening process.

So to speak, quality was what I was not aiming for in this piece, rather the process used.

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