Children's Books with Krita

Here are a few example of work done, and how easy to use Krita in CMYK color profile for printing.


Great, could you share a bit about your workflow?

Superb! to my favs

Yup. Professional top level work. I do it all RGB and then convert later. I’d like to see your way.

For this projects, I used a texture layer as well. Otherwise everything it is classic, no special brushes
you can find here more info about the workflow:
I use an old wacom DTF 17" and a dell laptop
here you can find a step by step processes, but depends on the project
Thank you! :slight_smile:
Thank you
I do also RGB first, but back in 2014 Krita and photoshop was the only software using CMYK, and was awesome to work with Krita so far :smiley:



Awesome, btw you can tag people like this, @alexsabo , :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! I’m struggling on a book project right now and I wanted to know if you conduct the desktop publishing too yourself (with Scribus, Indesign or QuarkXpress) or if it is up to your publisher? And I’m curious also about the CMYK profile name you work with if you can tell; Fogra27/ISOcoated_v2?
Thanks and congratz for the cool pictures of your art printed!


Hello David.
Thank you for posting here! and your appreciations :slight_smile:
Sorry for answering a little bit later.
I have to start with a small history of mine working with Krita. I use this software from 2014 (including here Linux, KDE as well). version 2.8 if I remember correctly. In those days I fund as being the only software using CMYK profile like Photoshop,
I painted the illustration (as professional artist with print projects for card and book illustrations) in RGB, and converted after approval in CMYK. I faced no problems after sending for print. What was the exact CMYK color profile? I honestly I don’t check, because all the time was only one profile available if I remember correctly. I used always this ways. After receiving copies of the cards and books, the colors was same what was on my cintiq. But, after the last five or six updates of Krita the CMYK profile have issues, like the Multiply blending mode not work at all in CMYK, and the gradients looks weird when I convert them from RGB. Mostly happens with the black colors and dark shadows.
The latest Book project was published last year and the colors in the print version was fine.
Answering for your first question, the DTP for all my projects was and are managed by the publishers. For the Books, I just convert the final version in CMYK, flattened images, only one extra one layer with the text. This text are re edited in DTP softawares, probably InDesign.
Lately I am very tempted to try out a comic project in Scribus, but I have to learn.
Hope you find some answers, :slight_smile:

Thank you for your detailed answer @alexsabo :+1:

Hello @Deevad
I cheked in this new version of Krita the CMYK color profiles, and it looks are so many. My mistake