Coffee for You - Short comic

Hey everyone, this is a short nine page (not including cover) web comic I created in January. All created in Krita.

Read it Here! Press right to move through the pages.

This comic is in an art style a bit different to what I’m use to doing, with thick black outlines, and a limited color pallet. And I think it turned out pretty good! The characters in this story are robots, not for any other particular reason besides me wanting to tell a story with robots. :sweat_smile: I made this comic without a story in mind, so apologies if the story feels a little disjointed. But I think it came out pretty nice! Feel free to share and tell me what you think, I’m always open to criticism.

I release this comic under the Creative Commons 4.0 license (CC-By-Sa 4.0). Your free to remix, tweak, and expand upon this comic so long as you attribute/credit me. But please know that I do not endorse what you do with my work. You must also submit your contributions under the same license. I’m doing this because I believe in content freedom and culture. I do not do this with all my work. (


Hmm, navigation seems broken for me. Arrow keys don’t seem to do anything, neither from the page that link goes to nor when clicking on the image to get the close up.

That cover sorta gives me a Big O vibe, with the snowy city and particularly with that android design that reminds me a lot of R. Frederick O’Reilly. Now I kinda want to go back and rewatch that series again, heh.

EDIT: Oh nevermind, once I finally scrolled all the way to the bottom of that page I finally found the arrows you were probably talking about, heh. =P

EDIT 2: That was a nice little story. You did a good job with maintaining a consistent style throughout.

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Damn, if it actually was that easy to score a girl… XD

Really nice story and well executed too! I like the style and the design of the panels.
Only thing that kinda broke the flow is the position of the speech bubbles. It’s kinda odd to have them under the characters, just because I’ve used to seeing them above.
Keep at m8!

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Thank you! I hope it was a cute, simple story that was enjoyable. Once again, I didn’t really plan the story, just started drawing it and away I went. :laughing: I’m glad the style was consistent, but with ten pages only, I think it was pretty easy to keep that consisistency, though a few frames could’ve looked better in my opinion. Once I go into making a longer comic (not this one, something different), it’s gonna be much more work to keep up a consistent style. And never herd of Big O, perhaps I should take a look at that!

Well, I’d say it was simply a nice gentlemanly act of that guy. :sweat_smile:

Your right about those speech bubbles, I think I struggled a bit making those fit the frames. But hey, it’s all a learning experience! Glad you liked it!

Cute story! :grin: I liked the artstyle you went with, great work!

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Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed! :grin:

Hello Avery!

Just discovered your comic and I like it a lot! The winterly mood is really nice, the characters well executed.

Had some problems with the navigation at first, like Uradamus, but now it works for me. (Never been on Tumblr before, I have to admit.)

Some questions on Tumblr, because you seem to be a regular user:

  • Do they have a community or such?
  • Is it just another place to publish your work, or is there some feedback?

Bernd Stein

Hi Bernd!

It is possible to have a community, but overall Tumblr has been dying in popularity, so I can’t say it’s the hip and cool place to post your work like it used to be. So yes, it’s mainly just an extra place to post my work. Their is no commenting, so no feedback really besides the possible direct message. You can change your tumblr theme which give you a bit of customization to how you want it to look.

I’m glad you liked the comic! I’m really wanting to do a longer form web comic with the same characters. I just need a story that I’m happy with and to fit it in with my schedule of all the other projects I want to make.

Hello Avery!

Tumblr: What a pity! It looked so good… I guess, I’m 10 years late.

Generating Stories: In my experience, at the core, at the heart of stories, there’s always “problemsolving at work”.

Some problems...

Crime genre: a case needs to be solved
Superhero: a new menace to the whole world has to be stopped
Fantasy: heroes on a quest for something
Romantic genre: relationships to be established etc.

Start asking yourself: In what environment do my two characters live? What people do they meet? What problems do they or their friends have? Which enemies do they have? Why are those their enemies?..

Brainstorming (with Krita open!) can be productive sometimes. (Just doodles, no need to go for fine art at this point.) - Once you begin working in that direction, more and more good ideas will appear “out of the blue”…
Good luck!

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I’d like to read this comic, but navigating Tumblr’s cookie options is too complicated for me.

You don’t happen to have it published elsewhere too?

Thanks Bernd!

Tumblr Hey, I’m not saying Tumblr is totally useless! It’s still a pretty good alternative blogging site. It’s just a good idea to use it alogside another platform so you don’t rely entirely on it for growing community around your work.

Stories Oh, trust me, I brainstorm all the time and have lots of ideas! My main trouble is focusing on a single work, and executing that idea through. But I really do hope to do a comic with these characters soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bleke No I don’t actually, so you know what? Since the comic is so short, I may as well post all the pages here. That way it’s easier for others to read. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

A real feelgood-story.

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:wink: Looking forward to your next stories!