Coffin Joe tribute / Zé do Caixão homenagem

Hi guys, I haven’t posted any drawings here yet. So here’s a tribute (RIP) I made a few months ago to ‘Zé do Caixão’. Known in English for “Coffin Joe”. He was a Brazilian filmmaker.

(Brush used (mostly): bristel-2-flat-rough + sepia’s g’mic-qt filter)


I like the clock hat. I don’t like the spider, which has nothing to do with the way it’s drawn and everything to do with spiders being creepy. Barely noticed it at first. This is one creepy character. Thanks for sharing.

The hat looks a bit unbalanced, with a wider rim on the right side than the left. Makes me think it should be leaning to the right based on the position of the character’s head.

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Fantastic, can’t wait to see more of your art.

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thanks! Guys

tapatilorenzo, I appreciate your considerations. It is certainly an illustration that could be improved in several aspects, despite having a caricature aspect. I think that Zé do Caixão deserves a much better tribute.
What bothers me (above all defects) is the spider, as it seems to be just lying there.
If I redo this drawing, I will put your considerations at the tip of the pen.

Sempre é bom encontrar um br aqui. A arte também está de parabéns.


te digo o mesmo, e obrigado :slight_smile:


Looking into it a bit looks like a fun character, what’s his best movie to watch?

It kind of absurd in how it is like atheistic and at the same time satanic but the absurdity of it adds to the caricature. Like a nazi communist, wtf.

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Thank you so much, I’m glad you were interested in knowing a little more about Zé do Caixão.

It is difficult to suggest any of his films, because there are many. I think the film/movie that most impacted me was actually a short film: "ideology '. You can find it here:
“O Estranho Mundo de Zé do Caixão” from 1968. There are 3 stories.

The ‘Zé do Caixão’ is part of Brazilian folklore. He appeared on TV shows with huge nails. The film titles were scary: ‘at midnight I will take your soul’. There are many characteristics that made him a strange ‘creature’. Even the way of speaking. The influence he makes on children’s imagination is like the influence of the stories of witches, monsters, etc.

He started producing in the 1940s. Movies/fims can have that ‘rough’ aspect of Ed Wood, BUT I think that psychologically they are deep.

I believe that many characters linked to terror/horror have a cartoon percentage. I can quote ‘Elvira’ and even ‘King Diamond’ (which I love). I drew ‘Zé’ in the cartoon style by simple random stylistic choice, but I think I understand your comment.

This link suggests 5 fundamental films by ‘Zé do Caixão’:

You will certainly find other articles in English as well.

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Really cool man, great to see brazilians here. I logged in my account just to say this hahaha

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Pô, Igor, Obrigado. Te digo o mesmo :spider:

Wonderful sense of form and perspective!

And the sepia tone fits the subject matter perfectly.

Top notch!

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Yo bro this AA Naz I wondering if I can use your drawing as my cover for my new song

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Hi! Thanks for message. What is the theme of the new/newest song?
and how would you like to use it? Because my work is usually commissioned.

Nice brushwork! Bônus por ser br!


Ericob, Muito obrigado! É ótimo ver mais brasileiros por aqui :slight_smile:


like the best mafia ever ccreated XD

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Gostei muito da composição, representou bem a essência do nosso Mujica. Caricatura é um dos estilos de ilustração de que mais gosto. Parabéns também pela homenagem.

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obrigado! Elton.