Color History on the canvas

Currently when accessing the color history on the canvas, it looks like this:

It is not very accessible since if you leave the small strip it disappears.

It would be nice if this function could be replaced with something like MyPaint:

Yes the strip is very awkward and cumbersome to use. Just increasing the size of square and active area of the strip would be improvement too.

Reminds me, a while ago I noticed in the code that apparently the patches for the popup are supposed to be twice the size of the docker ones, and also should not have scrolling but show multiple lines if necessary.
But the detection whether the widget is in the docker or the popup is obviously broken.

Anyway, if the review process goes well, 5.2 may have a new version that is configurable independently of the docker, that can look e.g. like this:


Oh that looks so much better! :smiley:

In order to make the user experience of drawing with the left hand, I think it should be changed to vertical.

This way it won’t be obscured by left-handed users on an Android tablet/pen display.

In addition, I forgot to say before, just getting bigger doesn’t completely change the experience.
It should only disappear in the following three cases, instead of moving out of the historical color popup and disappearing immediately.

  1. After selecting the historical color.
  2. Press the shortcut key again.
  3. Move outside the history color popup and click on the canvas.