Color problem


My saved drawing’s colors are brighter than in Krita, I tried saving in png, jpg and tiff but the result is the same. The drawing on the left is saved as jpg, on the right is a screenshot of the drawing on Krita (colors, which I want when saved). I draw on MacBook Air.

The color space is RGB/Alpha (8-bit integer/channel) sRGB-elle-V2-srgbtrc.icc and I have set Display1 as sRGB-elle-V2-srgbtrc.icc.

Thanks in advance.

If you have MacBook, you most probably have the Display set wrong. Try a wider profile. If you don’t know what it is, just check different profiles available in the dropdown button and check if the image in Krita matches the image outside of Krita. (Don’t worry about why it’s all so bright just yet, for now make sure the brightness matches both inside and outside Krita). Did you find the profile? (If yes, what is it?)

Thanks for answering. I don’t remember anymore where the Display settings were, could you advice me?

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I changed the display color of my MacBook from lcd to rgb and now krita’s and macbook’s colors match but I think I’ll switch it back to lcd since rgb display seems odd to me. I’m doing a project so I’m wondering how others are going to view my work’s colors.

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I’m working on a manual page that would explain all those things… but it’s a very complicated one.

I meant changing display settings in Krita: Configure Krita -> Color Management -> Display. You should leave Mac settings alone, most probably. (It would be best to set Krita to this lcd profile as well).

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There isn’t lcd option, I tried all the options but none of them matches the colors.
Here’s the display settings, näyttö means display:

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All I know is that newer Apple devices use DCI-P3 color space for their displays rather than sRGB, but don’t ask me where to get a proper .icc profile to use in your display settings…

It came up in another discussion but I don’t see a clear solution to the issue…

What if you checked the checkbox “use the system profile”? Can you tell me what color profile you have with and without the checkbox checked?

I checked it but I think nothing changed.

Can you please give me a list of profiles in the Display settings on your Mac and the list of profiles available for Krita?

For some reason I can’t post a link, add up an h: ttps://

im confused bc idk where to paint or is it unable to

please please help i wanna paint so badly

Hi Sophie,

In general it’s better to make a new topic if you have a new question. Your question sounds like you simply haven’t created an image before starting to paint? Are you seeing the welcome screen with the links to the manual and the news column and so on?