Color shortcuts

In MyPaint I have shortcuts to change value, saturation and hue. Is that possible in Krita?

My MyPaint shortcuts:

x make the colour a bit darker
c make the colour a bit brighter

v make the colour a bit less saturated
b make the colour a bit more saturated

n move the colour anticlockwise on the colour wheel
m move the colour clockwise on the colour wheel

We have the shortcut k to darken brush colour and l to lighten brush colour. There may be others that correspond to the MyPaint shortcuts you’re wondering about but those are the 2 I use all the time.

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All of these can be defined under the keyboard shortcuts, under the “painting” category IIRC. However, I’d recommend using @EyeOdin Pigment.O plugin, at Pigment.O plugin - #425 by EyeOdin
and mapping keypresses there instead. This way you don’t have the issue where once you’ve increased lightness to white, you can’t walk back down to the same shade you were using before. With the Krita shortcuts that is a problem.

You can map different keys to “HSY 1 plus” , "HSY 2 minus " etc.

That probably needs some explanation. HSY 1 means the H component of HSY, so hue. HSY 2 is the S component, saturation and HSY 3 is the Y component, ee… not quite luminosity but something like that?. And plus or minus means decreasing or increasing that value.


Y is Luma or the white given by the RGB mix considering the BT 601/709/2020 agreement for monitor production between different manufacturers.

When you use the desaturate filter you will see those options there too.

I will add that explanation of hsy1 and hsy2 to the manual.



Thanks. Even if there’s only that it’s valuable. :slight_smile:


Interesting. I will try it tonight.

I saw the thread about Pigment O Plugin, but it looked quite complicated so I thought it was for more advanced artists.

I installed Pigment.O Plugin and restarted Krita. I’ve looked through the dockers menu and there’s nothing new there, neither in the Tools → Scripts menu.

In the Python Plugin Manager, Pigment.O is greyed out.

hover your mouse over the grayout text and screenshot it so I can see what is the issue with it.

your on Linux then and you don’t have QtSvg installed on your system. and it should be there. that is a known issue and is on the FAQ.

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Thanks, it’s working now! :slight_smile:

The tricky thing was to find the package name. “python3-pyqt5.qtsvg”