Combined docker

We always have some very long or very high dockers (like layers). But the docker alongside it is not as long as it is, and we always want it to be able to slice and dice without affecting the previous docker.
As you can see below, the red color represents a docker with a large footprint, and the blue color represents what I would like to call a “Combined docker”. We can create a new “Combined docker” and name it. Then we can arrange multiple independent dockers inside it.


This sounds very interesting, thank you for that good idea! I support this! :+1:


As always when it comes to dockers: you have to make do with what Qt provides. We’re not going to extend Qt’s docker system because we know from experience that that is not maintainable.

We might move to KDabs’ KDDockWidgets after Krita 5.0, but then, too, we’ll be limited to what that library offers. See GitHub - KDAB/KDDockWidgets: KDAB's Dock Widget Framework for Qt.

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