Composition resources

I created assets for compositing in Inkscape and only recently learned how to import them into Krita as vectors. There are three: 1) A modified rule of three; 2) A five-part division system and 3) A modification of the second one, with extra divisions into three. This last one is my favorite:

Before further explanation, a quick example: I created a new file in Krita with 2560 x 1440 pixels. I imported the file: 5_rule_fifths_mdf.svg. I reduced the opacity of this layer, created a new paint layer and placed it below.

So I made a sketch. See how these lines made my task of distributing the art elements easier. In the thicker lines, the main ones, you place the main elements. Of course, they don’t necessarily have to be “glued” to the lines. It all depends on the art:

Here we have the finished artwork and I reduced it to 1280 x 720 pixels, i.e. 50%:

Instructions for use:

A) Download here the package and unzip it on your computer. You will have a folder with three svg files, place it wherever you want;

B) Open a new file in Krita, with the desired size. Next, import the vector by going to Layer > Import/Export > Import Layer. Browse to the folder you unzipped and choose one of the three files. Then a small frame will appear, asking you to configure the resolution: I set the same resolution as the Krita file;

C) The program automatically generates a vector layer and places the imported file on it. From there, you can edit the vector in Krita itself, as follows: 1) Grab the transform tool; 2) In the options, uncheck the icon; 3) Click “Scale” and unlock the lock icon. Adjust the vector, width and height… until it fits the dimensions of your image:

What if you often use a certain file size in Krita, like a webcomic page for example? In this case, it might be interesting to change the size of the vectors in Inkscape itself. Proceed like this:

A) Make a backup of the original files and open a copy of one of them in Inkscape. If possible, use version 1.2.1 of the program;

B) Select the entire vector (Ctrl+A) and in the options bar, at the top, will be the current measurements of the complete vector, that is, 2560 x 1440 pixels. Type the width value you want and press Enter. Do the same for the height. If you want to set the measurements to other units, such as centimeters or inches, there is a button next to the height value, allowing you to change this;

C) It is also possible to change the colors and thickness of the outlines (but then you need to know how to deal with Inkscape better… :slight_smile: );

D) When done, go to Edit > Resize Page to Selection. Now, the important part: go to File > Save As. You need to save the file as type: Plain SVG, not a normal Inkscape svg file… otherwise it can’t be edited in Krita afterwards.

E) If Inkscape warns that the file already exists, select the Replace option. Close Inkscape and don’t save anything. Yes, that’s right: choose the option Close without saving.