Confetti Eyes


Where I’m from there’s a children’s song about a mean old troll who arrives in an air balloon and when he lays down to rest he covers about a third of the country, a good 600 kilometers.

I’m thinking that your image maybe shows where he’s from. :slight_smile:

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That is awesome I had no idea that there was a children’s song like that! If there is a video about it on YouTube I would be interested in listening to it!

Yes I think the troll could come from the land of Confetti Eyes, it is full of magical creatures and delightful odd things.

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I like the look of this painting. It kind of reminds me of a Van Gogh especially the swirls in the tree. Very nice .

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There are plenty, but most of them are quite dreary.

This one is pretty ok:

Here’s a passable, sort of direct translation. The names are mostly provinces or cities.

Ett gammalt fult och elakt troll det var en gång
som kom till detta landet i en luftballong
Han lade sig i Småland med huvudet på Åland
och fötterna de var i samma stund i Lund.

An old, ugly and mean troll there was one time
who came to this country in an air balloon
He lay down in Småland with his head on Åland
and his feet were at the same time in Lund

Och hos det gamla trollet fanns en trollmadam
en näsa hade hon som hela Amsterdam
Hon lagade till maten och lade upp på faten
en kaka utav sand så stor som Svealand

And with the old troll there was a troll madame
her nose was as (big as) all of Amsterdam
She cooked the food and put on the plates
a (sponge) cake as big as Svealand

Och hos det gamla trollet fanns en gammal katt,
som var så stor så stor som hela Kattegatt.
Långt bort till Yokohama, man hörde hur han jama
och svansen var så rund som hela Öresund.

And with the old troll there was an old cat
who was as big as Kattegatt (the sea between Sweden and Denmark)
Far away in Yokohama they could hear him meowing
and his tail was as round as Öresund (another sea)

Och nu är denna visa slut för denna gång
och trollen redan gett sig av i sin ballong,
nu är de nog vid polen, ja, kanske mitt i solen
och kära vän, de kommer aldrig mer igen.

And now this song is over for now
and the trolls have already left in their balloon
Now they’re probably at the (north/south?) pole
yes, maybe in the middle of the sun.
And dearest friend, they will never return again


Thank you so much! My favorite artist is Van Gogh and I was inspired by his art when I was young, I do plan on doing some Van Gogh recreations one of these day’s, I really love his sunflower painting’s and his boat paintings but they are all amazing!

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Wow amazing you even translated it for me! you are awesome, thank you so much!

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I cannot argue with that at all !!!
Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists as well. His sunflower paintings are terrific, as is his starry nights painting, but I also love his portraits as well. They bring an element to the subject that I have not seen in other protraits, especially the ones of himself.

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Yes I agree with you, his portraits are very unique.

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Here is the original confetti eyes painting done with acrylic.
I thought you might like to see the original, it is my favorite painting I have ever done.


Awesome! I like it even better than the digital version. :slight_smile:

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I have to agree with @bleke. I love your acrylic version . I believe canvas painting adds dimension we cant get in digital yet.

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Thank you, I am glad that I shared it with you!

Yea I love painting with acrylic and canvas but it does cost more to get the supplies…Krita is free and I like messing around with ideas before I put them on canvas so I like digital art for those reasons.

Yes, my preferred medium is oils on canvas but as you say it costs for the supplies, and the set up takes time, and the clean up takes time, the clothe you wear need to be organized, and the room you paint in needs to be ventilated…etc .etc. Why I like Krita is that I can be creative anywhere anytime with digital, but still experience the visceral joy of painting, because the Krita team made the tool so that the experience is close to being organic.

This is one of my oils …

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Wow your portrait is amazing!
Yes I agree with.

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I love it! And seeing it with a natural background is even better.

@Bleke Min fru känner sången. My wife knows the song. Thanks for the link. :slightly_smiling_face:


She should. :slight_smile: Just about every child around here gets to hear this song.

Let me try to clear up a misunderstanding I think you may have:

Känner = feels
kan = know/s

The tricky part, where I think the confusion arises is “känner till”, “knows about”, “is (somewhat) familiar with”.

If she “känner till sången”, she knows about the song but may not remember the lyrics or melody exactly.
If she “kan sången”, she knows the lyrics and melody fairly or very well.

I hope you feel at home in this oddball country! If you are still looking for an occupation, I think a Cornish pastry shop would do very well.

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