Consistent hard crash when renaming tags in Krita 5.0.6

Hi, I am continuously getting hard crashes on Windows 10 (Krita closes without further notice) when renaming my tags. I have been renaming my drawing material tags to add a “0_” prefix. This has been working fine for the first couple of tags, but now it crashes Krita regardless of the name.

As I have shown in the video, there isn’t an issue when moving a single brush preset to the new 0_Ink tag. However, I cannot rename the tag to a unique name, such as “Test123” either. This is the case for all of the tags I have at the moment. Is there a limit to the number of tags?

What could be the cause for this?
Is there any other information I can provide?

E: Oops, should have reported this over on KDE, log files are there as well.


I don’t have a clue, but you are on Windows, try the all-time-favorite, a reboot. Reboot does good!


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Nope, the issue persists after a reboot. I have moved all my bundles over to the bundle folder (which only affected the tags AFAICT), removed old paintoppresets and the SQlite database that has been there from Kriita 5.0 Beta. So my install is basically as clean as I could get it.

Here’s the bug report in KDE: 453831 – Consistent hard crash when renaming tags in Krita 5.0.6