Content policy?

I’ve looked at the TOS but I could not find a content policy describing what kind of content is OK to upload.

I’m specifically thinking of such as:

  • Artistic nudity
  • Suggestive/erotic art (I would recommend a closed section for this with age verification, if you decide to allow it)
  • Resources such as nude model reference pictures, dissection pictures of muscles (or “Body Worlds” type images), etc.

I think it would be highly recommended to have a dedicated content policy to cover these and any other important subjects (eg. depicting illegal activity, offensive content, etc.)

The age limit to use the forum is currently 13 and above. Once people are signed in I am not sure if we can limit particular topic or area of the forum based on age.

Artistic nudity is currently allowed and we have a nsfw tag which blurs the image (albiet in a hacky way) and people are expected to use that tag.

We would tread with caution with erotic art since it is really hard to know what is illegal and legal in various countries. Since this forum is new we would like to shape a good policy on this. I welcome comments on this.

Mature/nsfw/erotic are not a category. A nude model like you might find in life drawing is not going to be the same as a nude engaging in some provocative pose or act. I’ve been a member of deviant art for over a decade - i would be happy if they would stop showing base and vulgar images. I get that it’s art in some people’s eyes - not disputing it.

If the choice is to allow erotic art, maybe an additional filter - have one for nudity, and another for erotic, etc.?

This is why I was suggesting above that if erotic art is allowed, it should have a separate category, which also needs to have some age verification barrier to comply with laws. There would also be a need for specifying some boundaries of what is allowed there and what isn’t.

DA is dead. Ever since it stopped being the by artists for artists community it used to be and turned into just another company trying to make money at all cost and mindlessly following trends, it’s a rotting corpse. And I was a member since probably 2002 or so, so I remember when it was small and little known but it was just great.

The rules mean nothing anymore, anything is allowed that generates them pageviews and ad appearances. I reported close-up photos of erect penises and all I got was a copy-paste response that “we found this did not violate our Acceptable Upload Policy”, even though said AUP clearly states that depictions of erections (and anything sexual) are absolutely not allowed.

Sorry, my response was to @raghukamath - i agree with you :slight_smile:

they seem to have no lack of new membership and activity (of course eclipse seems to really be testing people) - but i’ll submit to your knowledge, i’m not familiar with how they are doing.

I meant it in the sense that the dA we used to love is dead. The dA today is nothing like the old, it’s just a huge joke. :frowning: The old community, the family atmosphere, the actually good features, the admins actually listening to what people want… it’s all gone. It’s now all about money money money.