Contest format and rules discussion

I have a suggestion/request regarding the current rules, but thought I’d make a general thread (re: the quote above) so we can keep things in one place.

My suggestion is that the rules should stipulate only new artwork created for the contest should be submitted.

I think it’s important for the integrity of the contest that everyone should have the same opportunity. That isn’t the case if someone already has, and posts, artwork that fits the current theme; that gives them a competitive advantage in terms of available time. It also kind of defeats the point if no effort is involved in a persons entry.

These contests are a good learning opportunity, to work through the artistic process within set boundaries i.e. a set theme and time frame.

It would also matter less in terms of fairness if no prizes were involved, but the winner is publicised on the top banner which I’d argue has value, so such restrictions become more important.


I thought that was already the case.

For sure, I won July with an old artwork because clearly it was not possible for me to find time to draw something :sweat_smile:

I’m not totally agree with this point of view

On my side doing a painting can take me hours, days, weeks or months according to what I try do draw.
Where some people -pro or not- here just need few hours to paint something better because they have time to practice every day since a long time :slight_smile:

I don’t even take in account the fact that sometime, I’m not able to draw anything during days and days.

I can understand that if people start to only put already drawn artwork the contest probably start to be less interesting.
But since contest was initiated, how many case like this has occurred?

No effort…?
My entry for July, even if it’s an old artwork, asked me hours of work when I draw it :frowning:

@raghukamath you can remove featured tag on my EcoBuli as it’s seems not be really valuable to be featured.

Sorry for that.


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I’ve been wondering since I read the opening post of this topic, how do you know how old a submitted work is, and who is supposed to check?
It’s only clear for works that have been published once before, for every unpublished work I know the means to make an image appear to have just been created, and I won’t be alone in that. This does not mean that I would do such a thing, it means that this is possible.
If someone wants to cheat, then it becomes difficult. And as long as this is just about proposing the content of the next contest and having a celebrated image, I think you shouldn’t take it so deadly serious and leave the church in the village.
This is not about millions, but about joy.
Or will (better: Orwell :frowning: ) each forum member now be assigned a guardian to make sure no one has violated the rules of the contest should the thought occur to one to submit a picture?
In my opinion, this form of mistrust is a reason to stay away from such competitions. It’s better to play chess with a clock and a referee.

I had seriously considered taking part in the competition for the first time with the theme suggested by @Deevad. Whether I do this now, I will have to think about it longer.


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I think the very fact that the rule has been announced and accepted by the participant is already enough, since it does not allow making excuses about ignorance, although discussions about the subtleties can probably be endless. I tend to perceive others as decent people if they are not noticed in the opposite)
P.S. For me in the August competition, the trigger for participation was the message that the topic will automatically close in a few hours) Before, I didn’t go beyond the question “What would I do?”

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Blimey! I didn’t expect such a strong emotional response! I think that is at least in part a misunderstanding in meaning.

This is not meant to be an attack on anyone and their prior participation. And it’s not meant to be an issue to be strictly policed.

I don’t personally take the contests very seriously - at least beyond how I regard my own focus and effort; I see it more as a personal challenge.

It is written as a monthly contest though: participants are put up against each other and a winner chosen and rewarded. So I feel the boundaries should be more clearly defined.

I can empathise with that, and it’s not my wish to discourage participation. For the record - even though I have a lot of experience, I really struggle to do things within a time constraint. I have pieces unfinished I’ve been working on for years, and my process is generally inefficient - that’s why my piece for this last contest was far short of what I’m capable of - I was busy this month, and none of the sketches I did were working until the last couple of days; then I painted in a rush and ended up with a scruffy mess.

That’s definitely not what I meant - I meant effort emparted within the allotted timeframe.

Anyone at any level of skill could enter a piece they’d already completed and could have spent any length of time on - but then their artwork is going up against the majority of participants who have to start from scratch and work within a time constraint.

If it was just a monthly themed challenge like that halloween masquerade challenge I posted, then having rules wouldn’t matter much beyond the individual.

I hope you’re being ironic. I love Buli and the artwork you create with him. I’m not trying to take anything away from you.

No one is supposed to check. It’s just a set boundary/framework for a participant to work within - and it’s up to the individual to honor it. Nothing Orwellian about it - just personal integrity.


As it seems I’m the only one in this situation, I took it personally, sorry :man_shrugging:
I may misunderstood something.

I also participate to the contest just for fun, when subject is interesting for me.
But I don’t see it as a personal challenge thing, I draw only for pleasure and to evacuate weird drawing ideas from my head (here is the secret origin of Buli things :shushing_face:)

If subject trigger something in my head, I try to participate if I have time for that.
Otherwise I do something else.

Being winner to be featured doesn’t really matter (but I have to confess the only interesting thing for me as “price” is the ability to choose theme for next month…)

When I have submitted EcoBuli I didn’t expected to be the first, I posted it just because I really didn’t had time to draw something, I would be able to draw something because I was really interested by subject and as I already had an artwork that matches the theme then, I posted it.

I understand the point of view about effort allotted in given time range…
But that’s a constraint that put things outside fun world for me: I already have too much time constraints and deadlines at the office :sweat_smile:

Even if I know that by nature a contest have a deadline, not being able to submit something already drawn and that match defined theme is a little bit sad

I don’t know, when I wrote it I really considered that my featured tag was an ill-gotten gain… :man_shrugging:

Ok no worries, the misunderstanding is resolved now :wink: