Contiguous selection tool not working properly

So I am learning how to color with krita and I first have my line art layer of a characters face, then I have my background layer that is light grey. I start by creating a new paint layer under my lineart to be the skin coloring layer. I use a bucket and color the whole layer a light peach. I then go into my lineart layer and use the Contiguous selection tool to select the layer so it scans the face. I then go back into the skin coloring layer and delete the light peach color from the background leaving it only on the face. What I should be seeing is the light grey background behind the colored face however I see a white background?

If my explanation is hard to understand or visualize, what I am trying to do is in this tutorial video from timestamp 9:21-10:08

However for my case in the end I do not see the background layer which I should see after deleting the unecessary light peach color around the face.

Below is the image of my screen and you can see the issue I have with a white color coming out of nowhere after I use the selection tool.

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You’ve been watching a PS tutorial and that’s ok because the basic techniques are the same for all image editing applications.
However, the operational and functional details of the tools may not be the same so you have to be careful about that.

The Contiguous Selection tool does not select the layer, you’ve already selected the layer before that.
Then the Contiguous Selection tool, clicked outside the face lineart will cause everything outside the face to be selected. So far, so good.

You didn’t delete the light peach colour. You did a Fill With Background Colour (Backspace key).
If you want to delete it, you need to do a Clear (Delete key) operation.

If you look on the Toolbar at the top, just under the Tools menu item, you’ll see the two small coloured squares that show the Foreground and Background colours. These are ‘light peach’ and white.

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Thank you for taking the time to help! Like you said I used the backspace key which I thought would get rid of the excess color.

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