convertions of some color spaces are absent?

So i have been exploring new color spaces like the Munsell, NCS and Pantone for example.

However these seem very strange in nature and rather secretive too on how to do convertions. Is there no algorithms to do the conversions out there or are there just done by look tables?

Those aren’t color spaces – rather, they are color systems. Pantone is copyrighted, so there’s no way Krita can support Pantone: the alternative is NCS is also proprietary. To implement support for freiefarbe, we would need to implement support for spot colors, because yes, these are just lookup tables. Munsell has been superseded by Lab.


Interesting, I wasn’t aware of it :slight_smile:


They gave a presentation at LGM 2019:

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Thanks for links


oh man NCS is also proprietary? oh mannn I was hoping that one at least to be open to use. Less work I guess. My initial idea was to make a picker more suitable for oriental color systems (maybe easier for china and japan) as they are more akin to the Munsell disposition and the others were kinda similar as alternatives. But I will stop with that idea.

I will consume the links and if I can make something for it I will.
I really think color should be free as the backbone of my belief system over it.

Today I woke up with YUV in mind those at least are open.

I could totally do these maps on my spare time with another panel but the maps… They give maps with a bunch of numbers and don’t indicate what are numbers on that line or column. This is the sort of thing that drives my brain insane. Until I discover the meaning of them I will have this on hold.