Craig Mullins uses Krita!

Hello friends,
Craig Mullins openly says he uses Krita.

“Paint below was done in KRITA. YOU NEED TO GET KRITA. Painting in PS is like driving a Camry about. Krita is like a Formula 1. Not speed, but precision and expression. It has been developed for about 15 years for exactly that-painting. I wish it DID had the speed and ability to handle rez like PS.”

And the post with the actual painting:

For those who don’t know who he is:

As you might be able to tell, I’m beyond excited and I guess a lot of other people, too!


What does word “rez” mean? Resolution?

Anyway, it is really good sign. Craig is godfather of digital painting.


Yep it means resolution, he usually paints on pretty big canvases, I have some of his paintings from his Patreon site that I follow in full resolution, finals are about 15000px on the long side.


I’m speechless. I’m a big fan of his work since almost 20 years.

His usage of Krita’s “Sketch Engine” (texture visible if you look the high resolution) is really original.



It’s like finding out your god converted to another religion…

Does that even make sense?.. I don’t know! I’m so confused!..

Does anything make sense anymore? :upside_down_face:


Thank you for sharing this!

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I see what you mean - It’s handy he posted it in hi-res! Looks like he’s using the bristle engine a lot too.

I made a couple of sketch engine brushes a while back; I really like them for umm… sketching! :yum:

Well I know I’m using the right software when CMullins uses it. Of course each software has their strength but I can see how Krita would offer what CMullins is looking for.

I always experimented a lot and wasn’t sure if that would be a good investment of my time and energy. And then, hearing Craig Mullins saying in his first Schoolism course that experimentation is one of the biggest things for him and very important to do - it finally all made sense and I gained a ton of self confidence in experimentation again.


Why so much hype? Who is Craig?

He was one of the first digital painters ever. Also, he was helping the Knoll brothers (who initially developed Photoshop back in the day) to make Photoshop better suited for painting. For example, he painted the Cover Art for Age of Empires 4, worked on the Harry Potter movies, Matrix movies, a lot of big games etc.
Here’s a little bio:
And here his website

Having him openly support Krita means a lot more people will try it out and finally take it serious because he is kind of like the godfather of digital painting.


Oh wow. The god father of digital painting? That is one hell of a title.


yeah honestly this is worth a little celebration :smiley:

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