Crop tool can be better if it can be used for not only reducing the canvas, but both reducing&extending it at the same time

If crop tool works like this it would make canvas editing much more flexible and intuitive.


It works as you requested already. Check the Grow option on the tool option docker.


OMG. I didn’t know. Thanks…!! :upside_down_face:

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I am curious, why is it not set to grow by default?
I remember being a bit confused by this the first time I used the crop tool

I don’t know the reason for it not being the default, but I think it remembers the setting once you enable it.

Me either :wink:

The verb ‘crop’ means to cut-off/remove parts of something, either because you want them for another purpose (e.g. apples from a tree) or because they are not wanted, e.g. excess white borders on a printed photgraph.
Now, with the computer, we can do a negative-crop, i.e a addition of ‘material’. (This can not be used for putting apples back on a tree.)

I think it might be best if it was checked by default. As people new to the program often don’t know the importance of the Tool Options docker, or that it even exists. I imagine a lot of people haven’t managed to do a “negative crop”, and have gotten a bad impression of the tool.

If you tick the Grow option, all that does is allow you to drag the ‘crop’ boundary outside the canvas. If you could do that all the time then the Grow option wouldn’t be needed as a separate thing and the ‘Crop’ tool would become a general purpose manual resize tool.

I’ve put a wishlist bug report in for more flexibility in the resize operation and for resize to selection and resize to layer content functions:

The Crop tool is just a different ‘user-facing’ presentation of a resize function and is probably there because people have come to expect one from their experience of other applications. It also has very nice visual feedback, which is always a good thing.

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I agree that it’s very odd the ‘Grow’ option isn’t ticked by default. In fact, Krita is the only software (both in image and video editing) I personally have ever used that even made this an option. It only serves to reduce the usability of the tool, and I’m sure it confuses a lot of people coming from other software :stuck_out_tongue:

While ‘cropping’ in the literal sense might refer to trimming material away, the actual and unmistakable utility of the tool is to resize the canvas; dynamically and in any direction.

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Totally agree!
Nothing is lost in having grow ticked by default!
It would only make it more user friendly!

One concern is that when snapping to image boundary option is off, it’s hard to match exact size of the original width or height of the image in that case. It won’t be a problem for more experienced users though… they can just turn on the option.

That’s what Ctrl+Z is for, my friend :wink:

Nah… I’m saying that it’s hard to match exact size of the original width or height of the image with eye measurement. :upside_down_face: And beginner users might not know how to turn on snapping or how to turn off the grow option.

Snapping is on by default though, but so was the ‘lock the docker position’ option(I forgot the exact name of it;). People accidently unchecked it and asked the dev like a million times that krita is broken.

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I should’ve said ‘people accidently checked it’. :expressionless: The option was off by default.
But you probably get the point anyway.

now I learnt something :open_mouth: !