Crop Tool Jankiness

ive got some small feedback regarding how the crop tool currently works because i think its pretty frustrating to work with at times when trying to fit the canvas to an artwork.

  1. the crop tool doesnt generate undo history entries every time you apply a crop. if you crop the canvas multiple times in a row then hit ‘undo’ krita will revert the canvas to the size before any of the crop actions. this can be really frustrating when trying to crop an image relatively precisely and have a habit of spamming ctrl+z.

  2. if you active the crop tool and hit ctrl+z without first applying a crop krita will undo the action you did BEFORE activating the crop tool. i think it would be better if hitting ctrl+z while cropping just cancels the cropping. thats the action im currently focused on and unhappy with, not the last brush stroke i did before cropping.

  3. the crop tool has some bonus functionality when clicking outside the crop rectangle. clicking and dragging lets you draw a new crop rectangle and just clicking fits the canvas to all content. i can see the benefit of this but it comes at the cost of punishing users for missclicking when trying to grab an edge. especially when doing multiple smaller crops in a row since crtl+z will undo any and all cropping you just did.

  4. i have experienced crashes while fidgeting with the crop tool. both while finishing artwork as well as just now while writing this and checking that my descriptions are correct. im not able to recreate the crashes consistently but the relevant crash log entries can be found here

Can you please report a bug for the crash? On . Only the first one is relevant (the second one can be reported separately, in a new bug report - it’s crash on copying from clipboard). The crash happened on redoing, do you know what exactly happened just before? Can you recreate it now that you know it’s about a redo?

1, 2 and 3 seems to all be related to the fact that there is no intermediate undo steps like in transform tool; 2 is a bug but will be fixed when implemented 1, and 3 contains other things but still be quite usable as soon as 1 is implemented, right?

making bug reports as im typing this!
yes the redo clue let me figure out what i did to cause a crash. you crop the canvas once, start a second crop (which causes the undo history to go back one step) and hit ‘redo’. maybe krita freaks out because it tries to redo a crop its also trying to overwrite.

so yes it looks like the issues could be summed up as krita needing a bit more thought put into how to handle intermediate crop actions. as an addition to the first point: i found that krita already creates new undo steps every time you apply a crop but ONLY when cropping using the ‘cick-and-drag rectangle’ method. not when you adjust individual edges and corners.

intermediate undo steps like the transform tool would automatically fix the 1st and 3rd point. if merely starting cropping would be considered an undo step then i guess 2 would be fixed too. krita shouldn’t undo the last step before starting to crop, just cancel the crop action.

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after some help on the bug tracker it looks like the crash has already been patched in the nightly build. woo!
that being said i hope someone will have some time to poke at the crop tool soon and introduce intermediate undos for an improved ux :slight_smile:

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