Curious question

Im curious, how great of a computer specs (like RAM, etc) are needed for any heavy type of brush(like watercolour, RGB, Charcoal,etc) and very big size krita brush can flow effortlessly in the canvas?

Possibly you should ask what you need, to do what with it?
There are brushes with which I get my PC to jerk. You can always create brushes that can do this, make them more complex and bigger seems to be the secret.
But these are not “normal brushes”, I think they can bring even much stronger PCs to their knees.
Graphics card Radeon RX 580 8 GB RAM, 2 XEON processors with 24 cores together, clock up to 3.8 GHz, 96 GB RAM…
…even though it’s a bit older, that’s already quite decent.


I’m working on a very old laptop with only 4 GB RAM. Technically 4 should be enough but sometimes it would lag horribly with large brushes. I left Windows a week ago (now using Linux) and it’s way better. So far I haven’t been able to make it lag at all. So my untechnical advice is, if you’re looking at a new computer, 8 GB RAM should be the bare minimum - especially if you’re on Windows.

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Actually my question is not for a normal use. Im only curious to what comp specs ( extraordinary as it will be) to make lets say a watercolour brush in it max size to be work smooth flawlessly. For example in sketchbook pro app, any brushes can be max out insanely huge and no lag whatsoever. I understand that sketchbook pro app is a light app and the brush also more simple compare to krita, clip studio and photoshop that give lag to huge brushes. Thats why im only curious to how much specs does a computer need to make the huge watercolour brush to be as smooth as sketchbook pro brush.

Right now i own 16gb RAM comp, capable great gaming but still a lag on huge brushes.

The amount of RAM is only important for storing the image. A large image with lots of layers with lots of content on each layer will need more RAM.

For creating a brush stroke with a large and complicated brush, it’s the CPU power that counts.
The speed of the RAM is important because that affects how fast the CPU can move data around.
Both of those qualities tend to be expensive to buy.

The size and power of your graphics card doesn’t make much difference because krita doesn’t use its abilities for painting. It’s quite complicated to do that and I don’t think it’s been tried even if it may have been investigated or thought about.

Modern games do use the graphics card onbord computing capabilities for drawing shapes and so they have very impressive and fast image making abilities.

Someone else will be better able to explain the details of all those factors.


Also, I can add:

  • too much CPU can sometime slow down the brush engine
  • according to how configuration is set in BIOS/UEFI for ram, it can havean impact