Cursor not moving with pen after making stroke

When I hover my pen over my tablet after drawing drawing something or making a stroke the cursor inside the canvas doesn’t move along with it. This makes it hard for me to draw. Any fix to this?

This sounds like the graphics tablet is in relative mode (like a mouse) instead of absolute mode, if I understand the issue correctly. In that case changing pointing mode to absolute would be the solution. Does it happen only in Krita?

yes. only in krita

@kektzecuggle , if your tablet has an app for its settings check to see if there’s a setting for hover distance. It might be necessary to use the setting with Krita specifically. Some tablets can have settings for each art app. You might have to browse to the Krita exe file and select it in the tablet’s app.

What’s your operating system and krita version @kektzecuggle ?
Is it the brush outline get stuck at the end of the stroke until you make a new stroke, it will jump to the new stroke you are making, and get stuck at the stroke end again?

I’ve seen this sometimes in 4.4.2 on my Android tablet (not happened to me in 5.0.2), and a forum post has the problem in 5.0.0 on Chromebook

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