Cursor offset on canvas.

Type of device* : 2 in 1 laptop with Wacom tech
Brand and version of the device: HP
System** : Win7

I downloaded portable version of Krita 4.4.4 on ma laptop. When i move pen around Krita without open canvas everything is ok, but as soon as i open some new canvas to draw, cursor offser appears.

Please look at the attached gif. It is clearly seen after clicking “Create” button, cursor immediatetly jumps to the left. Then it is seen when it jumps right onto window with “Layers” (where it works ok), then up from canvas, when i’m trying to close the canvas (it is seen how it jums to the right to the “x” button).

So on canvas it is always offset. Can i do something about it? Every other app is working ok (Gimp, Mypaint, Blender).

Thanks in advance!

I would try - Settings / Configure Krita / Tablet Settings and click to use Win 8 + Pointer input (Windows Ink) - a re-start might be needed. It’s proved to be a fix on more devices that I have Krita installed on. I just upgraded my Wacom device and the brush cursor developed an offset, but only when over the canvas. At least for me the fix worked here too.

I think this could solve your problem:

THANK YOU X1000. This fix worked for me! I had the same issue where the tablet cursor was configured correctly and worked perfectly for the UI and outside windows, but only would be offset on the canvas itself in Krita. It would also shoot off randomly to the side. I had just fixed the UI size by changing the HDPI settings, when this cursor issue began occurring.

I changed the tablet settings > win 8 + Pointer input and restarted, worked immediately. Thank you so much again.

Thanks Guys, but sadly both workarounds doesn’t work for me. On the desktop it’s even worse: