Cursor refuses to drag (i.e. I cant draw a line at all) (PLease help)

Hi! I have Krita 4.4.2 on Windows, and the tablet is Wacom Intuos. The tablet isn’t the issue though, I’ve checked on other drawing software and this issue doesn’t arise.
Occasionally I’ll get an issue an hour into krita where the cursor, once I try to hold it down and move it, does nothing. This is the same with a mouse, tablet or trackpad. I can click on tools and layers fine. It usually goes away after I restart Krita.
But today it hasn’t gone away. I restarted krita and my pc, unplugged the tablet, troubleshooted my tablet, nothing works. I need to be able to draw as I have several commissions lined up, so if anyone could provide help I’d be really grateful.
EDIT: it seems to only happen with one file, but its a drawing I need to be able to work on so that’s not much help, and this issue keeps happening :frowning:

I had a similar problem to this when I was first using my tablet, I just disabled windows ink and the preset tablet settings and reinstalled the drivers.

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I’ve checked though and it happens with a mouse as well, and my tablet works fine on SAI and PS so I don’t think it’s the tablet.

tried it anyway and it didnt work

Perhaps reinstall the latest version of Krita then, but further than that I’m not sure, if the problem runs deeper I would recommend asking @AhabGreybeard who should be able to help you.

I can try:

If it only happens with one file then it’s something about that file.
You may have accidentally made a small selection that you can’t notice because it’s off-canvas or difficult to notice in a complex image.
This is easily done by accidentally brushing the stylus on the tablet when a selection tool is in operation.

Try doing Select → Deselect to see if that fixes the problem.

Or, it may be that you have some layer or brush blending mode setting that hides, masks or supresses visibility of a painted stroke.
Try adding a new paint layer at the top of the Layers docker then paint in it using the Basic-1 brush preset with Normal brush blending mode and choose an obviously contrasting colour from your image under it.

Is it only on that file or does it happen with other .kra files and newly made .kra files?
Also, it would be a good idea to upgrade to version 4.4.3.

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