Customizable Splash Screen Idea

I made an idea for customizing your splash screen! How do you guys think of this?

Settings > Configure Krita > General > Miscellaneous

Nice mockup. I think this would be pretty low on the priority list though. Have you looked at the developer’s blogs lately? They all mention how much work there is to do to reduce the open bugs list. On top of that they have to work on actual functionality… brush engines, speed improvements, Finding a solution to Apple’s decision to remove OpenGL etc. etc.

But a cosmetic extra like this could be a nice introduction task for a new developer wanting to learn the Krita codebase.

Crop is unnecessary imo, just save your image to the correct size. Maybe add an “upload to all users” option, and a “use random image from user collection”. Someone would have to check all uploads before distribution though, which again would add workload to the team.

Oh, and you need a checkbox for “Use custom splash screen”, so it’s possible to change back to the default.


For what reason should Krita let itself be deprived of its identifying mark and its mascot? I don’t like this idea at all, I just like Kiki way too much (sorry, it’s something like a secret love). I am completely against it.


Addition: Their branding is usually only given up by providers of inferior or at best average software, and that only in exchange for money to paying customers who are too stupid or too lazy to develop their own software.



:worried: That’s a little offensive to say the least…

Yeah, you’ve got some good information there. Is coding really that difficult?

You should try it. :slight_smile:

Especially a large project like this where one piece of code can’t sabotage what another piece does.

I’m mostly into Unreal Engine and stuff so yeah I should

I hope now you did not feel attacked. I think Krita should not do this, it would feel to me like Krita is selling its soul, like companies that act like this. Not only that, but I have expressed my disapproval to the companies that act this way.

And I have not named any companies that do this, so no company can feel attacked.

But my opinion is that companies that do this are harming themselves as well, at least that’s my belief. The seller says so that he does not stand behind his product, and the buyer seems to have no ambition. If you are ambitious, you try to offer the best product to your customers and, above all, you don’t adorn yourself with other people’s feathers.

If Krita did this, Krita would “make itself smaller”, it would devalue itself. I like Krita a lot, and to my sensibilities Krita would be damaging itself this way. This is what I feel about this.



I agree with you. You’re alright.

About splashes…

We’re baking in the splash when building Krita instead of having it an external file because, in the past, Linux distributions would change the splash screen for one with their own branding to “promote consistency”. OpenSUSE (capitalization random) was a good example of that.

For the people who absolutely can’t stand Kiki, we have the --no-splash commandline option – but I don’t think I’d accept a patch that would make the splash configurable or an external file.

When a tablet manufacturer wanted to bundle Krita with their tablets, they wanted to have their own build with their own splash. I would have been fine with it if it had funded development, but they wanted me to make their special builds for free…


Okay. At least it was a try. Also, I don’t hate Kiki. I think she’s a wonderful mascot. I only thought of this idea for people who might not stand her or if it would get old seeing her every start up