Deleting selection deletes the everything on the canvas

Good day,
I am really really new to Krita. I am hoping to use this tool to create tutorials on few research subject areas, mathematics and science. I went through the entire tutorial out on YouTube. I started with creating a new document with two layers (not sure I need two layers)… if I try to delete a section using the one of the rectangular and various other shapes to select and then press delete, sometimes it works and the selection is deleted but sometimes (more often), it deletes everything. for the life of me, I am not able to figure out what is causing this? I have spent hours and now really close to giving up.
My research and posts are volunteering effort.
Thank you in advance

Wonder if this is a bug.


You mean it delete the entire canvas? not only the selected area?


Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you take a full screen screenshot immediately after this happens and upload it in a reply here?
Please make sure that the Layers docker and the Tool Options docker are visible when you do this.
The Tool Options docker is usually on a tab next to the Advanced Colour Selector docker (if you’re using the Default workspace).

I remember the del key is traditionally set to ‘clear active layer’ so selections are not accounted for, it’s always the whole layer. I think it’s that way in Krita since forever and for me has become one of the most important shortcuts in early sketching phase.

On my side, the DEL key only clears the current selection, except if there’s no selection, in this case the current layer is cleared

If on your side the deletion is applied on all layer content even with a selection, could it be possible there’s an option somewhere? :thinking:


I rarely have anything selected, so it could be that I just didn’t notice all the years x3. I use it as a quasi reset when I messed up a layer beyond fixing.

In that case, maybe OPs selection is on a different layer than the one that’s active while pressing delete?

When there’s a selection, it’s applied whatever the selected layer…
In this case, you can delete something you don’t want to delete in the area, but it will not delete the entire layer…

Need more information from @ajsresearch to understand what happen and in which situation we are


Except when there are selection masks in a group I think. But I agree, we can only guess at this time.

Hi there- please see attached.

I have attached 3 screenshots.
pre delete, selection made, and after delete. this is the case with any of the 3 types of documents canvas, color, raster or fill layer document type.


Only 2 screenshot are here?

I think the “selection made” is missing :thinking:


In the “undo history” we can see:

  • draw line
  • draw rectangle
  • clear

On my side, if I made a selection, the selection action is visible in history:

Are you sure you’ve made a selection before doing clear action?


please see attached with the tool options.

it only let me upload two screenshots as I am new. I just uploaded the other one here separately.

Oh Ok :slight_smile:

For what I see here, you don’t use selection tool.
Then, clear action clear everything, this is the normal behavior

To delete content of a specific area, you have to select the area with selection tool:


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But I’m wondering:

  • do you want to clear (erase) the content?
  • do you want to fill (in yellow here) the rectangle area?


New users are limited to two pictures per post but can make several postings with two pictures. Another workaround could be to stitch/join/glue pictures together, but then you are bound to the file size limitation in bytes and in pixels.


I don’t know if this applies to your situation but sometimes a user will select an area for deletion and accidentally invert the selection. Then hitting “delete” will delete everything outside the selection. Let’s say you select a rectangle on your canvas and you see the marching ants. If you invert the selection you will see the same marching ants. It can be difficult to know exactly what has been selected.

Thank you so much. it was the tool that I was using appears to have been the issue.
This group is so friendly and helpful. I appreciate the quick help and support. Obviously learning Krita on the fly and look forward to engaging here more. For now take care!