Different pens for different brushes in Krita

I found a review of someone giving the demonstration, he was able to use one pen as one brush, and another pen for a different brush. I tested and it can work in Krita 4.1.1, but for the latest verison, it does not work at all. Our driver can recognize the different pens, but have no idea how to make it wrok in Krita 4.4.

He demonstrates this at minute 3:10

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Thanks for that link/vid…

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I’m surprised that there’s a difference between 4.1.1 and 4.4.5 in this situation.
As far as I know, krita only recognises a ‘stylus tip’ and an ‘eraser tip’ which is actually treated as a second/alternate brush and can be used as such to use any brush preset you want to.

Are you alternating between 4.4.1 and 4.4.5 by using a portable .zip for 4.4.5?

In Settings → Configure Krita → Tablet settings → Open Tablet Tester, you can draw on the grid and note what is detected in the event record on the right side.
Just bringing the tip close to the tablet surface will tell you what it is recognised as.
Can you do that for each end of each pen for 4.4.1 then again for each end of each pen for 4.4.5 and see if there is a difference?

Maybe @dkazakov remembers, but that may have been disabled on purpose, I dimly remember some issues with tablet drivers changing stylus tip IDs randomly for no reason (bug presumably), which then broke painting.

Hi, @Lynx3d and @Doucat!

We have never disabled this feature explicitly. It should work fine. There might be some problems with that. I would recommend to check two things:

  1. Check if switching to WinTab and restarting Krita fixes the issue.
  2. Activate Tablet Logging (and run DebugView in advance) with Ctrl+Shift+T and check what in the value of ‘uniqueId’ field of both styluses.

Swapping brush with stylus. Omg that is so funny. Like arts supplies for various materials. Imagine having to buy a stylus to use a given brush :money_mouth_face:

I don’t think I liked the slimmer pen though.

@Lynx3d @dkazakov

Tks a lot! I tested again with DebugView, the pen id was changed when I was using different pens. But in 4.1.x, the brush would switch automaticly when i was using different pens. In 4.2 or higher, it would not work at all.

You might need to assign different brush once for it to associate to it.

Hi to all!
Just checked in to confirm that in version 4.1 (appimage from attic) you don’t have to do anything in order for it to work. Just change pens and pick another preset! Already in 4.2 it doesn’t work anymore. Shame…
Qt regression? Krita code change?

This is interesting - as an owner of multiple pen and I recently got felt tips. I might try with huion [if its possible in that brand] . I wonder if we can make this faster to do or make it like how it was observe by other in 4.1