Digital Drawing 101 – Is there a better way to draw?

Today’s video will be short. I am answering a question that has come to me several times. There are obviously many ways to draw faster and better. From my point of view, it is the simplest. You may not agree, and I completely understand. Be sure to share your technique in the comment box. The YouTube community, the Krita community, and I would appreciate your feedback.

This little Chibi dragon needs a name. If you have any suggestions, could you please share them in the comment box? Boy or girl names. Thank you in advance for doing so.

00:00 Introduction
00:26 Drawing with shapes
01:38 Putting the concept into practice. Showing you how I created my Chibi Dragon!
03:45 Last advice regarding inking and how to set up your layers in Krita.


That was short but concentrated good advice :slight_smile:
My suggestion is Dracochi.
(Or maybe Dracoco.)


Very nice. It’s a start. Thanks, Ahab!

These stars on the dragon caught my eye. I went to Google it and there is *this article on Wikipedi*a about “Cassiopeia.” The name is too long… but the abbreviation (“Cas”) might work for your character’s name.

That’s a great name. I like it. Thank you!