Digital Painting with Krita for beginners - Selection Masks

I wanted to share a tutorial that I recorded for complete beginners explaining masks and selection masks. here it is -

I hope it will be useful for some people.


Oh Good! I have a hellofalot to learn and need to focus on masks and selection masks in particular!

Thank You!

nice and clean video :wink:

i’ve notice something while watching it, you have icons in the differents menus that don’t show in my versions (4.4.7 - 5.0beta - 5.1alpha), is it a windows limitation or a potential issue?

in the video

my screenshots


This is the nightly build on Linux. The icons were added by @Animtim they should be in the beta I think if not there may be some setting to get them on windows. If this is the case for others too we must file a report

As far as I remember it is normal that icons in menu only show up on Linux… This is a kind of desktop-setting-related thing… I don’t remember the reason exactly why they are not shown on Windows, maybe @halla can remind the exact reason of this.

@raghukamath i don’t want to interfere in the thread, you can split it if you want :wink:
@Animtim thanks for the answer, it’s a shame for Winodows, it looks clearer with the icons…

@raghukamath That’s a well presented video with good pacing :slight_smile:

I have two questions abouit it:

  1. Edit:Removed - I mis-saw something :frowning:

  2. As a matter of interest and possible use for me, what do you use to get the sliding captions onto the video?

That’s really nicely done! :slight_smile: :+1:

Umm… I actually found it useful myself - so does that mean I’m a beginner?!! :yum:

I’ve never been a heavy user of selections/masks but I keep trying to improve my workflow for easier rendering and editing.

Is it possible to include an explanation of similar features like the alpha lock/inheritance/clipping etc? (All the cool kids seem to using them! :nerd_face:). I’ve been familiar with selections and transparency masks for a long time, but these other options are pretty new to me; A visual explanation of the features, pros and cons would help in choosing which approach to take.


On linux there is a setting to show icons besides text or text only. May be there is something on windows too. We can ask around or investigate about this. I will check if kdenlive or other kde apps show icons on windows

Thank you :slight_smile:

I use KDEnlive title clips with tranform effect. I animated the position and opacity.

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Not a detailed video but I had made a quick short one for alpha inheritance here -

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I’ve check in kdenlive, there are icons in the menu :wink:

kdenlive uses breeze theme, I wonder if it is because of that. Can you file a bug about this?

Thanks, @raghukamath, I didn’t know you need to mouseover the selection outline to be able to move it. This was one of those small things that have bugged me, but not enough to actually remember to find out how to do it.


Only for KDE Plasma. Other Linux desktop environments don’t have that option. So, only for Plasma do we enable icons in menus: for all other platforms they are disabled intentionally, since 2014.

Other KDE applications, like Kate do show icons in e.g. Windows, but since they have far fewer actions with icons, the menus don’t look so cluttered.

@halla ok i see (kdeenlive use a lot :slight_smile: ), so it was useless to report it?

Yes, I’m sorry about that, I didn’t notice this thread until after I had had my morning cup of coffee, or I could have spared you the effort :frowning:

no problem :slight_smile: i just feel guilty to increase the bug list if it’s not needed.