Discussion and Topic creation suggestions and etiquette

I am making this topic to add discussion related to shaping up a policy for making topics out of existing discussions. The goal is not to make hard and fast rule as such but to avoid making a thread filled with tangential discussion.

I have seen and observed this many times in this forum. the discussions are lively and it often results in steering off to a tangent and the main discussion is sidelined for a few post. This makes it hard to readers who come late to discussions and breaks the flow of the discussion.

We mods can move the discussion to a new topic and cleanup. Sometime in past developers have asked to move sections of the posts to different topic to make it easier to digest.

So I suggest that when we have a main topic and whenever we feel that the topic is digressing into a subtopic or a different topic, users can alert the mods and they will make a new topic for that. I also want to hear from users of this forum how they think we should handle this. What kind of policy should be there for off topic posts in the middle of discussions. Also a point to note, we should be polite when handling this and not come off as a guarded community or a place where users think twice before posting. the conversation should be free but we can collectively organize the posts well.

With that I think i will also merge some of the post from design threads here for discussion to keep that thread clean.

A note to all

It is great that we are discussing and trying to contribute to the design process and it is wonderful to see everyone being so enthusiastic about it.

A general observation and note to all the participants from me is that the UI threads seems all over the place, If any developers are interested in checking these out they will soon get repelled by the amount of digressions in the topic. This is the reason i said earlier to keep the brain storming in the main thread and separate thread for individual features.

I would suggest not getting off tangent, for example this thread was about dockers and suddenly we are discussing the color around the advance color selector. i know it is also a docker but the initial list of points to be discussed was put aside.

I am not complaining just saying that we can streamline the discussion so that any outsider may find it easy to follow. Also it will be helpful if we focus on getting the listed things first and then come to the other points which we encounter midway.

The general goal should be to solve smaller problems first and then move forward.

What do you people say?


Wow, when I started these topics I had no clue how much interest and activity they would generate. Thanks to @slightlyangrydodo, @scottyp and the usuals for your continued support!

Now, I have to agree wholeheartedly with what @raghukamath is saying. Not only is the large amount of tangential conversation distressing for prospective developers, it is very hard to follow if you remove yourself from discussion for a few days; coming back to this thread, I’m seeing a lot of focus on one Docker, instead of the overall Docker redesign this topic was made to tackle.

This is not to say I enjoy the discussion and energy, which I do. However, for the sake of incoming readers, I suggest that new topics are made once the feature is deemed interesting to pursue, or reaches a certain number of replies, or a combination of both. That decision shouldn’t be left up to admin crew or I, if you feel a feature getting a lot of attention, then go on and make a new topic!

The Krita forum has an unlimited amount of new topics you can make, but I don’t think this thread can allow for an unlimited amount of replies for one feature :wink:.

Create a new topic for each supported feature, and link this discussion to that topic please.


Also @slightlyangrydodo I love the Colour Selector Docker idea, definitely deserves some pursuing!

Although I agree with most things, there are some things I don’t.

I think that the discussion surrounding this particular docker is still valid as it is a docker, and one that can take up quite a large portion of the UI (at least it does in my setup). So I would not consider necessarily this as a tangent, though I get where you’re coming from. I also needed to see if it was a worthwhile pursuit, because others might not view it’s necessity, and I would say this was a small problem since it took an inexperienced developer an afternoon of fumbling around in the dark to make it :smiley:

Regardless, I do believe that any potential developer might get detracted from developing due to all the noise. I made the Google Docs document precisely to avoid that, but even that can get lost in the midst of all the messages. I’ve been thinking about how we could overcome this, and I think I have a solution. It wouldn’t be amazing, but it is something. A pinned message featuring exclusively bullet point information, and all the necessary links to get up to speed in under 5 mins. It would generate one more thread, but it would be a necessary evil for organization. That post would either be locked for comments, or I could simply add all the updates in the document as they came.

I also agree that the conversation itself is scattered. There are still people talking in the Krita UI Redesign thread about things that should be discussed here, but some talk about things outside of Dockers. I don’t know the best way to proceed here, but I would argue against locking threads. In my opinion it’s preferable to have too much information, but present a summarized version of what’s important, rather than to reduce the flow of information, and potentially cut out valuable intel.

What do you think?

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First of all, thanks for your initiative of collating and organizing things as @scottyp said you are doing a work of a UI designer already :). I also love your initiative on the docker background color. Please don’t get discouraged by my comment. I agree about having a central place for the points. the google docs is good enough for now . @fullerhill_art can edit the original UI design topic and add the link to google documents there. Then I will lock that thread so that we can continue in this one and other two.

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Oh no, I’m not discouraged! You simply pointed out a real problem that needs addressing :slight_smile:

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I agree with @slightlyangrydodo, an overhanging header with necessary info/ links would be great to simplify the threads.

I will be sure to add the link @raghukamath!

I can do that post, if you want :slight_smile: Do we all agree that that would be a good solution?

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Well I’ve added the link to Google Docs in the initial UI Design topic, but if there’s anything else you want to do, that’s fine!

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And now the last ten* posts have been about posting etiquette instead of the docker design…

Should we have a separate thread for that?! :blush:

*11 posts as of this one…

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I too see where you are coming from, but I feel like talking about individual dockers do belong in a topic about docker redesign. The alternative would be to have individual topics for each docker, which is rather excessive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, we do have a Trello board which would help separate the discussions between smaller tasks. Fewer people are likely to join in on those conversations however.


sounds good +1

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Wouldn’t that generate too many posts on Krita Artists? There are also people here that just want to post their artwork without wanting to see multiple top posts regarding the UI, but that’s my opinion

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I don’t think all the dockers would be up for detailed redesign and discussion. So may be initiate the discussion here and then move out to new topic.

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I get what you’re saying. Mind you, there’s already a dedicated ‘Top post’ section for artwork in that category I think, and the visible posts on the main page are just ‘Recent’, which can be any category.

I just want to say - I only commented because I was amused by the irony! I wasn’t being serious about starting another thread. :grin:

Now that you’ve done it though - it does seem sensible! :+1:

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