Do you use other image editing applications alongside krita?

I’m kinda curious that people seem to use other applications with krita. To me every process can pretty much be done in krita itself.

If you use other features from other applications with krita when you’re making art, what are those?

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Blender! :grin: I often paint my textures in Krita, then import them to 3D-models in Blender. Krita is fantastic to paint UV-maps and textures! I also use Blender the other way around, though a lot more rarely, to for instance concept something in Blender, and use that as a base or reference when painting in Krita!

PureRef is also something I often use! One could use a new window for Krita to display references, but PureRef just works so well when having multiple monitors! I highly recommend this program, and it’s free!

I tend to use Affinity Designer for vector drawing, because I think Krita’s vector drawing is a bit rough around the edges. Though I am excited to give Inkscape a good test run when version 1.0 hits :grin:


GMIC, but it stopped working for me for some reason so now every post editing I do is with Rawtherapee, and i’m actually really liking it! Just wish it supported Alpha.

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Krita all the way

I have a similar workflow to @Rakurri , sometimes for the more 3D parts of a painting (like buildings, props, and maybe even overall lighting) I can go with Blender, and then render that out as the base for my painting :slight_smile:


I use Adobe Illustrator for things that need to be vectorized so it doesn’t look like caca when I animate it later in adobe after effects. I feel more comfortable using Adobe Illustrator for that. I also usually sketch in PaintTool SAI simply because I’m used to it, then import it into Krita (I like the brushes in Krita better). Also use Photoshop for some touch ups. I just like to utilize several programs because I like having fully open workspace and don’t like to feel confined in any way. I have been transitioning drawing entirely from PaintTool SAI to Krita because SAI is not as powerful as Krita. so hope to 100 percent draw and paint in Krita eventually when I have more time to paint instead of animating.

I use Artstudio Pro on iPad, but only because we don’t have krita there yet.

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Sad truth is, it might be that we’ll never see Krita on iPads, because the Store’s rules aren’t compatible with the open source license Krita has :frowning: Hopefully Apple Store will change them at some point…


That is so sad! Even though I don’t use iPad, I think that an iOS version would benefit Krita greatly and grow the community! I imagine that many many people would love to have a program like Krita on their iPads! I am crossing my fingers that android tablets in the future focus more on drawing and the pen! :blush:
I am excited to see Krita on Android!

Blender, other than 3d I’m experimenting with 2d feature for future animations and such :slight_smile:

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Don’t some other open source deal with this that they establish another group/company and feed the program from there to istore? I’m pretty sure something along those lines is possible.

It is what it is :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m so happy for krita on desktop, it’s enough for me. :+1:

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There are different kinds of open source licenses, some are compatible with the store some are not. The one Krita has (GPLv3) is not. For the same reason Apple started shipping zsh instead of bash with MacOS recently. Bash switched to GPLv3 from GPLv2, :upside_down_face:


currently I am on Blender, Krita and Atom. But I have used Natron and Inkscape too recently.

I kindda gave up on the autodesk, adobe idea. but I am still perhaps with zbrush and substance painter.

if krita has some lettering and basic 3d support it would be amazing, even painting on a still 3d object or even painting on a uv_unwrapp intelligently would be amazing. I would tottally ditch zbrush and painter.

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I have been trying to figure out a better text tool, it is still pretty early to even talk about it. About 3D stuff, we talked about having a 3D docker so that someone can reference 3D models while drawing but someone has to take the initiative to code it the right way, :wink:


That would be super awesome! If one could use 3D like one uses the Reference Images Tool, moving them inside the canvas, that would be a dream! :heart_eyes:


There is ArmorPaint, an open source program akin to Substance Painter
Also, Pablo Dobarro (Blender’s sculpt guy) has mentioned in the future he wants vertex and texture painting in Blender to be a mix of Krita and Substance Painter, and he is working on some really exciting things! :grin:

armor paint is not the blender clone app just to paint? I have not tried it but I am not sure if it is worth it since all development goes into blender much faster.

oh I dont need to do any complex edits at all. what is there is already good for me. I just needed to be able to keyframe text to a time. so I can make subtitles. natron does it but it bugs out and I have to switch in between apps and then adjust times and all that. Blender does it more simple but does not crash or anything. this was meant especially for animatiques and stuff like that so for animation works more that text for design and fancy fancy letters. Krita is not good at handling vectors, Inkscape gives me great support. :grinning:

If you are talking about tweening (changing transforms). @tiar wants it too, but I don’t think she has the time, :upside_down_face:.

I guess you might want to give Synfig or Enve a try.

oh no… for subtitles, there is no need for the text to matrix transform, just the display of text to change at a certain keyframe. I have asked this before but I think there is no interest due to many limitations at the moment for the tool so I got natron and blender for it.
Kinda like this:

if you are able to keyframe a transform mask you should be able to transform text no? not sure I never tried it