Draw a simple dragon - a short video tutorial

See how simple it is to draw a baby dragon!

Every idea starts with a simple sketch and simple coloring.
This is how I start my baby dragon designs.
I add details later when I am happy with the idea.

I hope this short tutorial will inspire you. Nothing fancy.
Just a fun little tutorial that is less than a minute to enjoy.



That was short and simple and gave me the confidence to try it one day :slight_smile:

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Even though it was short but it was good start up to beginners like me thanks to share it

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So happy you liked it. I am experiencing the new feature on YouTube. It’s called “SHORTS”. The videos cannot be shorter than 15 seconds and no longer than a minute. So, that’s why the video is fast… I believe YouTube is trying to compete with TikTok. I thought it would be fun to show people how to create simple cartoons using the “SHORTS” format. Thanks for watching. I appreciate it.


Hello @Sweety_Satya_Durga,

since you are obviously serious about Krita and this forum, as your profile shows, and have only been using Krita for a short time, I can and would like to recommend @CelticCoco’s tutorials to you. I at least like these videos very much. You can find the videos either here via the forum, in the section where you also found this video, i.e. Tutorials & Resources, just look for her avatar, the C in the red circle, on the right side in that section or you can use her Playlists on YouTube, where you can also find a few more videos from her.
The advantage of accessing the videos here via the forum are the comments and corrections to the videos, which are not so qualified on YouTube.


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Thank you for mentioning me. I greatly appreciate it.

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Hello Corinne,

you may remember me from a comment on YouTube. And yes, I continue to appreciate your videos, it’s nice to see you keep your eye on your goal of getting 1% better with each video - and achieving it in my humble opinion. And that there are occasional mistakes in them is just normal, people make mistakes and you stand by them and always correct them in the subsequent videos - keep it up as long as you enjoy creating these tutorials.
It is me who has to thank you.

Michael Strothotte

Hey is your youtube channel BLADE QUILL

Tq for sharing info abou it

Yes. You are correct. I hope you find what you need there. I cover plenty of topics.

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Same here to cover all topics u covered and will cover

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