Drawing a perfect square

Seems like I should be able to draw a perfect square if I press SHIFT and then use the rectangle tool but pressing SHIFT doesn’t do anything. Same problem with the circle/ellipse tool. Advice?

Using the latest version of Krita 5.0.6

Strange, it works for me with both circles and squares. You have to start drawing the shape, then press and hold Shift and change its size at least a bit with your mouse.

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For me, it works like nearly expected. I have to hold down the Shift Key a little longer till it “switches” over to perfect circles or squares, it is not instantaneous.


Ahh this was the correct answer! Thank you so much KNap! I was pressing the SHIFT key “before” I started drawing.

The trick is to start drawing and then press the SHIFT key. The object will sort of snap to attention lol

Just as a side comment - this method seems somehow backwards to me but I’m just happy to find it works. Thanks again guys!


It’s a post-click modifier. Shift as a pre-click modifier is used for something else (selection Action overides).
There is a similar situation with the Ctrl and Alt keys.