Dungeons & Dragons Art

Hi All! I’m a concept artist for DND and use Krita about 90% of the time. I love it. I’m terrible at posting on forums, but no better time than the present for some self-improvement!

The above appears in the book Dungeons And Dragons: Decent into Avernus and will be in the newest Spectrum.

Once I have permissions I’ll do an art dump from the past few years.

Thanks for looking and supporting my favorite art software!


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great job on the art!

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Thank you for sharing your art. Its very inspiring to see a pro like you working with Krita. Can’t wait for that art dump!

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Great !!! Very good style on Krita !! You use only Krita for your drawings ? The render is great ! GG

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Cool! :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum! (I’ve only recently joined myself!)

Is the background a scan? - It looks too natural to be digital! (though it is impressive what can be achieved in Krita with natural looking brushes).

And congratulations on the Spectrum inclusion! :+1:

I sent a couple of pieces for consideration once upon a time when I was younger and braver, but didn’t make the cut… :weary:

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Yeah. This one was done with a combination of brushes, but mostly the chrome brush, basic 6, and the pencil brushes.

The BG elements are a scan/tiled texture.

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Hi guys! I’m new here. I was wondering if It allows you to draw on this app? If so how would I do it. I know I sound dumb but here me out. XD

Not sure what you mean?!

Are you asking if you can draw in here on the forum? - If so, then the answer is no - it’s a forum where people post the art they’ve created in Krita.

Krita is a program you install on your computer. You can draw, paint and do animation in it.

Does that answer your question? :slight_smile:

Great characters!

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Welcome to the comunity!

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The art looks amazing and i also love the designs!

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I love it. Anxious for see more!

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