Easier way to transform multiple layers at once

What I think is missing in the transform tool in Krita is the ability to transform multiple layers easily. At the moment it seems only possible whan the layers are in one group. I would like to be able to select multiple layers from the layer stack and then transform all of these at once, without grouping. Grouping is a workaround if the layers are directly above or below one another in a layer stack, but otherwise it is not very helpful. Other programs have the ability to just select the layers you want to transform and then perform the transformation. I hope Krita can have this is the future too.


This has been discussed before and many people would like it:

I don’t know if it’s formally under consideration.

This reminded me of a merge request i saw.

this has been merged a while ago. It’s already in the nightly builds too if i remember correctly. Though from reading it i now don’t know if it works for the transform tool, i honestly never tested these multiple layer operations. But it’s worth a check.

Did a simple test on my currently using 5.1.0-prealpha, it work on move tool, but not transform tool.


Closing this as it is a duplicate feature request