English vertical writing

For some reason, it is necessary to make the balloon vertically long.
As English is not my first language, I do not have a sense of how the text should be arranged to make it more readable for native English speakers.
Which one is the easiest to read?
Or I would appreciate it if you could tell me the best method.
thank you.

Hi @ken_yoshinaga - Vertical writing doesn’t do well in English but of the 3 choices, the one closest to the text balloon would likely be the best received.


I’d agree with @Sooz for general readability.
Vertical text is usually only used for advertising or for artistic effect.

Here’s a brief but interesting article about the subject:


Aye, the one closest to the balloon.

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Vertically is the best choice… but in comics, the letters are usually capitalized and accented at the end. It looks like this: HELLO!

It may be more practical for you to use fonts designed for comics, such as Ames. It is best suited for dialogue texts, subtitles…