Enough zoom levels to do this in Krita?

I just found this cool thing on twitter and I wonder if it’s possible in Krita. Since Krita has vectors the artwork should be possible but the zoom levels could get problematic.

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This seems like it is using “mischief” which was an art application using signed distance fields tech, until the project got aqcuired by… zbrush folks, I think? Anyway, the authors got removed from their project to work on ZBrush instead. A textbook aquihire.

Edit: It was the Foundry and it was Modo or Nuke the author got moved over to.

At least to some extend it should be possible in Krita too, right? I mean, there’s no limit on how much you could zoom into a vector image, in theory, only limited by the min/max zoom level Krita (or any program) allowes.

Not really, the big problem is that we draw vectors on the document resolution, not the viewport resolution. And even Inkscape, which does do that, would probably not be able to do this, because eventually there’s a limitation to the precision of the coordinates.

Mischief had all sorts of tricks in how it stored the multiple zooms, to the point that the Foundry looked at the authors and snagged them and their fancy knowledge away to work on other projects.

The app used for this is called Endless Paper, The artist says this in the Instagram post.

It’s developed for the iPad and the Apple Pencil. It uses a 64-bit vector rendering engine so there’s plenty of scope for ‘zoom’ in there.

It reminds me of this Affinity Designer demo:

They use various viewport rasterisation techniques to achieve this kind of performance.

If mischief had grown a bit more I would probably be using it.

But this is impossible to do in krita even on fully vector programs there is a zoom limit I have tried and found the wall. Mischief was the only one that managed to do this where I could not find the wall but had some weird bugs because of it. Like erasing something would leave trails on other zoom levels to still be there.

I am sad this project stopped. It was supposed to be the next big thing. I still think it to be.