Entering Spring

Hi everyone!
I want to share some feeling with you. Imagine that Leon and Kiki was traveling thru the land of winter, it was a long and exhausting path. We had the similar winter this year. Suddenly they found the gate to the land of spring, they felt warm rays of the sun on their skin. Whole new world opened up for them. Do you remember this first sunny day after long and cold winter? It’s full of joy and excitement. I think our heroes feels the same - they just found beautiful new world open for them, world of creativity. Few years ago I had the same feeling when I opened Krita for the first time on my tablet. The whole world of creation where under my finger. Pure joy of creation is like the firs day of spring, every world you imagine is there - under your finger.

This artwork was made entirely on Krita, from first line to the finish.

Full resolution:


Are you interested in getting more detailed description / kind of tutorial of how the drawing was made?