Equilux Dark Color Theme for Krita Kdenlive KDE Plasma and GTK Gnome

A theme for dark room studios.



The Equilux themes provide a neutral dark-balanced color-scheme not designed to be fancy , but to be useful for a few specific goals.

  1. Minimize eye strain : when you pass many hours in front of the screen or you are hyper-sensitive to light, saturation and contrast, your eyes will benefit from a dull UI
  2. Avoid disrupting your circadian rhythms : a neutral color-cast-free UI helps your body to produce enough melatonin at night time and sleep better, working nicely with software like f.lux , redshift , NightLight , …
  3. Professional use in image editing, graphic design, 3D rendering : in that fields any color cast or excessive contrast, brightness or darkness introduced by the UI would affect the overall perception of the color and balance of the images
  4. You may just like it : even if the style is not the main goal, many people find that its very clean and minimalistic UI looks cool and professional

Technical Focus

The Equilux Theme sticks to the upstream theme as much as possible, and is exclusively focused on the following points:

  • Total removal of any color cast from the background elements (neutral base)
  • Use of a neutral base for all the UI elements, with exception of a few button/boxes
  • Maximum reduction of contrast/saturation
  • Medium overall brightness/darkness of the UI

Download KDE Color Scheme: https://github.com/cgvirus/KDE-Equilux-Color-Scheme

More in video description. Thanks.


I’ve just tried this, and it’s really good. Often even a dark theme can stress the eyes, but this one doesn’t. Thanks for recommending it!