Erase lines / refill background

Hello, this is my first day using Krita and after maybe an hour of trying i give up and ask you for help or explanation. If i make a new file i got 2 backgrounds one is that checkered ( i cant remember how its called now ) and second is filled with white color where iam painting. But when i use eraser i erase some line i want to, but white background too. My question: is it possible to erase only line without erasing white background with it and is it possible to refill this background with some color again? Thanks for every tip.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You may not be familiar with digital painting applications, layers and transparency. These are common features of all digial painting applications.

What you have to start with is two layers.
The top one is named Layer 1 and it’s transparent and it’s intended that you draw/paint on it.
The bottom one is called Background and it’s technically no different from Layer 1 except that it’s been automatically painted white for your convenience.

It’s intended that you paint on Layer 1 and any other transparent layers that you may create above that.
If you use an eraser on the Background layer you’ll erase the white paint that has been put there. The only way to deal with that mistake is to paint over it with white paint. It’s best to lock it so you can’t paint on it.

The checkerd pattern represents what you would see if you looked through a transparent layer. It’s a standard convention to let you know that what you’re looking at is transparent.

There are many tutorial videos on You Tube that explain this. Here is one that illustrates your situation in the early part:

Thanks a lot and yes iam really new in digital painting. Now i got it, i will watch video too… :slight_smile: