ex-Mypaint or Mypaint users: what Mypaint brushes would you like part of Krita default?

Summary: Krita 5.0 can read the Mypaint presets and I’m planning to clean up the list of default presets.

The problem: Right now, it looks like the screenshot above; a default list that comes with the code and doesn’t blend well within the Krita default brush preset list. Also, a lot of brushes feels duplicate.

The plan: I plan to reduce the list to a smaller set of unique presets, name them, sort them, make better thumbnails for them… well, my action plan for thubmnails/name/sorting is fully detailed here. But before doing that, I prefer to collect here feedback in case I missed something about some specific workflow requiring Mypaint specific brushes.

The question: ex-Mypaint or Mypaint users: what Mypaint brushes would you like part of Krita 5.0 default?

The rules:

  • Post your fav presets (1~5 presets?) and not a link to a full generalistic kit.
  • Provide −if possible− screenshot of the brush in action, its name and sources ( *.myb + *.png brush files). In short, the most information so I can test them without starting a treasure hunt accross the web…
  • License: only Public Domain or CC-By or CC-By-Sa brushes (and indicate attribution in this two last case), this is required to be part of Krita.
  • Everything posted here will not be included, I’ll do my own selection on the top. I’ll also redo thumbnails, adapt default size, pressure curves if required.
  • It’s not a thread about your opinion about another software, brush engine, or a brush request thread… Please open another thread to chat about that. I would like to keep this topic clean and useful.
  • Thank you :smiley_cat:

Hi Deevad, the best brush from Mypaint imo is one of yours, this one: bild

I don’t remember the name, but it’s a round brush with blending. It was a joy to use it, and it was very soft and easy to use. I do miss it still, so it would be very nice if you would consider to remake it to Krita. I know that Ramon made an effort to recreate it a couple of years ago, it worked well in Krita.

Noted @Troken :+1: Yes: I also think Krita could benefit of a Mypaint ‘wet’ preset with this type of super creamy mixing. Thank you for the feedback.

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from google translate:
I’ve just tried Mypaint, and I like kaerhon’s brushes with pink icons, especially “paint barrr SM”

Thank you @TheTwo ; I did investigate; kaerhon’s brushes are nice and enter also into the category “creamy dulling/mixing brushes” where Mypaint engine is specialist. Noted.


I found the medium and dark markers to be intuitive and versatile for digital painting. I’m not familiar with MyPaint’s brush engine but from my view, they behave like a smudge and pixel brush. I was able to create satisfactory edges and color mixes easily.

Personal Observations:

  • dark marker : hard edges, blocking in, details
  • medium marker: soft look, build up color, blending (color picking & moving brush back and forth)

I sampled the blender brush on the example but Krita already has a few blenders :sweat_smile:

(Edit: My tablet’s setting was set to soft, it could have affected the experience)
image image
Ramon set, Ramon/R-S BlendOP, possible combination brush of medium + dark marker.


I am preparing some notes, it is like travelling in time. I remember those days. To start my notes i am practising a bit again with the brush editor. Here we go!
Kaerhon V1 Airbrush A is super good to make soft gradients airbrush effect. i am analizing it.
I don’t know if i can vote for my own brushes :stuck_out_tongue:
Sketch 1 in Ramon set is one of my favs but i am reviewing them.

More later


I love the feel of the pencils in mypaint, so please keep any one pencil brush :slight_smile:

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Here we go with an experiment. I think mimics quite well :smiley: the creamy version of deevads basic/digital brush smudging quoted by @troken.
It could be adjusted a bit but i think works pretty well with:

  • Blend amount i feel similar. (i miss the soften with parametric brushtip to make softer the brushtip with low pressure). Maybe in future
  • 3 ranges of pressure. In low part, mid part and full opacity part.
  • Performance is good with a 150px (in Krita i can go for 300px and is ok) compared with same size (using template ) in Mypaint. (at least in my laptop, so desktop must be even better).

It’s my favourite as well, I’ve tried to replicate it, but no brush I make in Krita can really match it.

It’s what I made this one with.

I am also partial to the marker-01 from the Tanda set. It’s also really nice to sketch with.


this one is my fav mypaint preset, i don’t know its name, it located in dieterle pack.

it looks like a wide square pencil from the image, but its behave like a half wet pencil.
it’s hard to describe its real effect and behave, so it’s better have a try to see its real effect.

for detail: can be use as pencil with small size
for background: can be use as half wet texture brushes with big size
this preset is really useful and unique, also krita didn’t has this kind of preset .(even i didn’t see it in ps, sai and csp), which i wish this kind of preset can be part of krita default!

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Thank you for the feedback @mini321 , unfortunately I think most of the brushes of Dieterle pack (if I remember correctly) are the one that use new features of Mypaint 2.0.

Krita integration of Mypaint stops at brushes compatible with Mypaint 1.0 to 1.2; as far as I remember. But I’ll have a look at this one; as it is a black and white textured brush; it might not use the spectral color mixing and it might be compatible.

I’ll try to work on this topic in the next 10 days.

No, I think that feature is also unique to 2.0, it’s the ‘rake’ feature @Brien_Dieterle made.

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Actually Anna Timm made the cool rake/offset setting :slight_smile:

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I quite like the pen brush (the one that is now in Krita by default). obraz

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Thank you all for the feedback! :+1:

I could finalize my project to change the default Mypaint set today and I could take more or less everything into account. You can see the result on the invent Merge Request 745 for all details about the seven brushes, their new icons and name.

[edit: Merged! :heart_eyes_cat: ]

(Note: Once merged into ‘master’, they’ll not be hard to find for those testing ‘nightly’; just filter by ‘mypaint’ on the brush docker, and the seven thumbnails listed will speak for themselves).


Just a note, on flatpak, the resource folder needed to be re-made (folder backed up and deleted) that is like Krita’s first run in order to get the new brushes show up in the brush preset docker. So on appimage nightly if you have this problem, just move your resource folder to a backup and location and start krita

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