Exact name of brush presets in the "Undo History"?

Is it possible to display name of brush preset in the history instead of same faces of “Freehand Brush Stroke”?

It quite handy in some situations. For example: after some painiting I decided to lighten up some parts with overlay brush – so I make 2 - 6 strokes, and than I wish to compare or refuse from decision and make operations in “Undo History” dock – with exact name of preset I see when I started to use overlay brush in a moment, but now I need to use trial-and-error method to find first stroke with overlay brush.


I really like this feature request! This would be awesome to have!

Great idea! I like it.

I like the idea too, has happened often enough I continued editing with the wrong brush.
While it wouldn’t always help me to undo stuff when I forgot to swap back the brush, having hundreds of “Freehand Brush Stroke” entries certainly doesn’t help much.

I wonder how hard it would be to offer more info (in a tooltip or so), like the layer, the bounds of the stroke and such, that information must already be in the undo stack in some form. I think I’ll put that on my list to do when I get bored…

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It might be possible… But don’t forget that there’s already the brush history docker.

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The use of this feature would be to easily see how much to undo (all strokes I did with the current brush), not which brushes I used last, which is what the Brush History Docker does.

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This was already suggested in 2018 on the KDE bugtracker.



Agree to @Rebecca, plus “brush history” docker is not so comfortable for me since it shows last 10 used brush but not last used brush .

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reminds me, I still got this half-done patch here that adds options to the brush history, putting the last used one always on top is one of them.
But so far I have no feedback on how/where to add the configuration UI for it, it’s only configurable by editing kritarc so far :frowning:

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